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Burlap Fabric Roll - 40 in wide x 100 yards long - Great for Rustic Weddings & Decorating Tables

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  • 100 yards long
    Burlap Fabric Roll - 40" Wide x 100 Yards Long
  • 40 inches wide
  • Material: natural burlap fabric
  • Strength: 10 oz per square yard
    40% Thicker and Stronger: Sandbaggy burlap rolls are 10 oz/sq yd, while our competition offers 7 oz/sq yd. Sandbaggy burlap rolls have a tighter weave and will sustain more uses before tearing.
    • 40% thicker and stronger than our competition's 7 oz/sq yd
    • Tighter weave = longer lasting, more durable


  • Great for outdoor ceremonies and rustic theme weddings as wedding aisle runners and decorations
    Burlap fabric rolls are great for weddings and other outdoor ceremonies as wedding aisle runners and decorations
  • For gardening: great for root ball covers and protecting trees & shrubs during winter months
    Burlap rolls can be used for gardening applications, including root ball covers and protecting trees and shrubs during the winter months
  • 100% biodegradable: Burlap is 100% biodegradable, making them more eco-friendly than plastic solutions
  • Burlap fabric roll at wholesale price
  • Comparable to burlap rolls sold at Walmart, Home DepotHobby Lobby, Michaels, and Lowes
  • Uses: making a burlap table runner, floor mats, curtains, craft projects
  • For shipping, roll will be folded to fit in box
  • Natural, distinct scent: The scent is from the natural fibers. It is an air purifier and germ killer. Some may find it irritating.
  • 30-day return policy
  • Free shipping: arrives in 4 business days (5 rolls or fewer), anywhere in continental USA
    • Shipments of 10 rolls or more will take 2-3 weeks (pallet shipment)


Looking for the perfect table cover on your big day for your outdoor wedding?

Look no further! Sandbaggy burlap fabric rolls are eco-friendly—100% biodegradable—and will give you exactly the look you're going for. 

Our Sandbaggy burlap fabric provides the starting point for your interior design adventures.

Let your creativity run wild! From making table runners to chair covers to making totes/bags, a roll of Sandbaggy's burlap will make your ideas become a reality.

From making burlap table runners and chair covers to totes/bags and burlap floor mats, our burlap fabric will do the job.

With a standard roll of burlap at 100 yards long, you have plenty of burlap to test, refine and improve your project.

Note: burlap fabric has an odor that some may find irritating.

Other names for Burlap Fabric: Burlap Table Runner, Burlap Aisle Runner, Jute Webbing, Rolls of Burlap, Burlap Fabric Roll, and Burlap Fabric by the Yard


What is the difference between the types of rolls you sell?

Roll type

Jute netting
Jute netting

Black landscape fabric
Black landscape fabric

Orange landscape fabric
Orange landscape fabric
Burlap fabric roll
Burlap fabric
Material Jute Polypropylene woven fabric Burlap
Length 225 ft 300, 500 ft 100, 300, 500 ft 300 ft
Width 4 ft 3 ft 3 ft 3.33 ft

Stabilize soil

Control erosion

Weed barrier

Silt fence

Weed barrier

Silt fence

Table / aisle runner

Floor mats

Tree / shrub protection

UV protection None 9-12 months 9-12 months None
Anchored using 6-inch sod staples N/A
Degradability Biodegradable Photodegradable Photodegradable Biodegradable

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