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Sandbags, Burlap Bags, Landscape Staples (Free Shipping)


Poly sandbags for sale and flooding, empty poly bags, tent and store bags

Sandbags for Sale & For Flooding

24x40 burlap bags

Burlap Bags, Potato Sacks

  • Available in sizes ranging from 14" x 26" to 24" x 40" (our most popular)
  • Great for sack race bags, erosion control, and flood control barriers
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made of natural jute plant fibers
Ground cover / landscape fabric

Ground Cover: Landscape Fabric, Jute

Monofilament, long-lasting sandbag: lasts 1-2 years

Monofilament, Long-Lasting Sandbags

  • Heavy duty, made of high-density polyethylene
  • Last 1-2 years under direct sunlight, compared to only 6 months for standard sandbags

Other Products: T-Posts, Witches Hat

  • T-Posts are easily installable fence posts made of rust-resistant steel
  • Witches Hats capture sediment from storm water


Best Sellers

Poly sandbags for sale and flooding, empty poly bags, tent and store bags

14x26 Empty Woven Polypropylene Sandbags With Ties

  • 1600-hour UV protection: lasts 3-6 months under 100°F direct sunlight
  • Strong and heavy duty: drop tested 10 times from 4 feet high without any noticeable damage
6-inch square top landscape sod staples

6-inch Square Top Landscape Sod Staples Fabric Stakes

  • 1.5X longer and thicker than staples sold at Home Depot
  • Made of 11-gauge steel: more easily installed without bending
  • Holds landscape fabric, jute netting, and artificial turf better
12-inch 8-gauge Heavy Duty Landscape Staples, Garden Stakes

12-inch 8-gauge Heavy Duty Landscape Staples

  • 2X longer and 35% thicker than standard 6-inch staples
  • Perfect for anchoring in soft soils
  • No more bent staples during installation!
24x40 Burlap Sack Wholesale Bulk, Sack Race Bags, Burlap Bags, Potato Sacks For Sale

24x40 Burlap Sack, Sack Race Bags

  • Our strongest, most durable burlap sack
  • Tight weave enables them to be strong and lightweight
  • 9 oz natural fibers
  • 50 lb weight capacity

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