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4" x 6" small burlap bags
mini burlap gift bags
small burlap bags in bulk on sale as low as $0.37 each
small burlap drawstring bags
eco friendly burlap bags made from 100% natural jute fibers
small burlap bags for party favors
4" x 6" Small Burlap Bags With Drawstring - 100% Natural Jute

4" x 6" Small Burlap Bags With Drawstring - 100% Natural Jute

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Great Gift Bags & Party Favors For Any Occassion!

Sandbaggy Small Burlap Bags are the perfect blend of rustic charm and practical functionality. Made from 100% natural jute fibers, these bags offer a sustainable and versatile solution for all your storage and gifting needs. Each burlap bag has a drawstring closure to ensure the safekeeping of your belongings. Use these bags for organizing small items, presenting gifts, or creating DIY projects. You can even personalize each bag with unique embellishments to truly make them your own! They are available at wholesale pricing, as low as $0.37 each when you order in bulk!


  • Color: Natural
  • Material: Burlap
  • Size: 4” x 6”
  • Closure: Drawstring
  • Occasion: Wedding, Easter, Birthday, etc.


  • Perfect Size For Gifts & Party Favors! Use these mini burlap bags at your next rustic themed event. The 4” x 6” size make these bags ideal for storing all your small items and giveaways.
  • Drawstring Closure: The convenient drawstring closure provides a secure and hassle-free way to keep your accessories, jewelry, crafting supplies, etc. safely enclosed within the bag.
  • Personalization Options: Customize these burlap bags with unique decorations, labels, or tags to add a personalized touch to your storage or gifting endeavors.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from 100% natural jute fibers, our small burlap bags are a more sustainable alternative to synthetic bags.
  • Breathable: From dried foods and herbs to organic materials and eco-friendly products, the bags provide a breathable storage solution that maintains the quality and integrity of the stored items.
  • Wholesale Pricing: Save big and order our burlap drawstring bags in bulk for as low as $0.37 each.


What can I do with small burlap bags?

Small burlap bags offer a multitude of practical and creative uses. Here are some ideas for what you can do with them:

  • Storing small items like jewelry
  • Gifting - Fill the bags with small treats.
  • DIY Projects & Crafts
  • Wedding or Event Décor
  • Travel or Outdoor Storage

Are burlap bags eco friendly?

Burlap bags are considered eco-friendly, since it is a natural fabric made from jute or hemp fibers, which are biodegradable and renewable resources.

What size burlap bag should I buy?

Size 12x19 burlap sacks
12" x 19"
14x26 burlap sandbags
14" x 26"
18x30 burlap sacks
18" x 30"
22x36 burlap sacks
22" x 36"
24x40 burlap sacks
24" x 40"

(most popular)
14x26 coir bag
14" x 26" coir bag
Material Burlap Burlap Burlap Burlap Burlap Coir fiber
Fabric strength 9 oz 9 oz 7 oz 8 oz 9 oz 7 oz

Flood barriers

Erosion control

Storing parts

Sack racing

Storing parts/

Shoreline erosion
Ties included No Yes No No No Yes
Weight capacity 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 100 lbs 150 lbs 50 lbs
100% biodegradable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time before bag begins to biodegrade 1 month 1 month 1 month 1-5 years

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