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Geotextile Fabric Rolls

Explore Sandbaggy's assortment of woven and non-woven geotextile fabric rolls, carefully selected to fulfill the varied requirements of contemporary construction and landscaping endeavors. Designed with accuracy and built for superior quality, every roll exemplifies a flawless combination of strength, efficiency, and adaptability. 

You can use both woven and non woven geotextiles for many of the same applications, the main difference between them is whether or not you want the fabric to allow water through. If you want a water permeable fabric (usually needed for drainage and filtration applications), choose a non woven fabric.

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Fabric That Can Last Over 50+ Years!

When buried under at least 3" of gravel / dirt our woven fabric is built to last over 40+ years and our non woven fabric 50+ years. 

Woven Geotextile Fabric Rolls

Expertly crafted using durable polypropylene or polyester materials, our woven geotextile fabric rolls provide superior strength and dimensional stability. These meticulously woven rolls are ideal for soil reinforcement, stabilization, and separation in various applications such as road construction, embankment building, retaining walls, and pathways. With unparalleled reliability and longevity, our woven geotextile fabric rolls are the top choice for any project.

Non-Woven Geotextile Fabric Rolls

Learn about the high-quality performance of our non-woven geotextile fabric rolls, meticulously crafted to provide durability and permeability. Designed for superior filtration and drainage, these rolls are ideal for use in drainage systems, filtration barriers, erosion control, and subsurface drainage. With exceptional tear resistance and puncture protection, our non-woven geotextile fabric rolls deliver reliable performance in even the most challenging conditions.

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