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Monofilament, Long-Lasting Polyethylene Sandbags

Monofilament, long-lasting sandbags are made of high-density polyethylene.

The UV protection in their heavy duty material allows them to last 1-2 years under direct sunlight, compared to only 6 months for standard sandbags. 

Purchase in bulk wholesale quantities and save.


Available in three sizes: 14" x 26", 17" x 27", and 11" x 48" (tube sandbag)

Each of our long-lasting polyethylene sandbags have a weight capacity of 50 pounds or more and are great for making flood barriers and for flood control.

The bags include a strong black tie string for enclosing the bag after being filled with sand.

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Sandbaggy polyethylene sandbags always come with free shipping to the continental USA and arrive within 4 business days if the shipment is less than 150 pounds.

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