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6-inch 8-GAUGE (40% thicker) Square Top Landscape Staples - Landscape Fabric Staples Pins

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    Product Introduction

    8-gauge staples are 40% thicker and contain 40-45% more metal than the standard 6-inch 11-gauge landscape staple.

    This extra thickness is perfect for extremely hard soils, where standard staples will bend easily. The super sharp chisel point also makes for very easy installation. Great for desert environments such as Southern California that have very rocky soil!

    No more bent staples!


    • TOUGHEST 6 INCH STAPLES ON THE INTERNET: This 8 gauge staple breaks through the hardest and rockiest soil. Unlike our competitor’s thinner 11 gauge staples that bend in hard soils, these landscape staples will pierce through the hard soil and get the job done - saving you valuable time & frustration. Ain’t nobody got time for that 
    • MAJOR IMPROVEMENT: Sandbaggy Landscape Staples are more than TWICE as thick and 2 inches longer than staples sold at hardware stores like Home Depot & Lowes. Thicker and longer staples will not bend as easily during installation and hold down fabric better especially in high wind areas. Staples sold at hardware stores are typically 16 gauge compared with our 8 gauge staples (as the gauge decreases, the steel thickness increases)
    • WIDELY TRUSTED by many landscapers/contractors, nonprofits, and government agencies including the National Park Service and Forest Service to safeguard our national parks and forests on public lands.
    • CUSTOMERS LOVE THEM: “Can't landscape without them” - Lawrence S. “Thick heavy-duty staples stand up to the toughest jobs” - Michael S. “These are the best landscape staples I've found anywhere” - Granuaile. We're lucky to be able to help customers every day secure landscape fabric to control weeds, bird netting to protect a budding crop from being ruined by birds, drip irrigation to keep plants watered, and chicken wire to protect seedlings from small animals.
    • #1 BEST SELLING BRAND: Sandbaggy landscape staples can be found securing landscape fabric & irrigation piping on job sites, national parks, and airports across America. That’s why we are the #1 best selling brand of landscape staples on the Internet, with over 25 million Sandbaggy landscape staples installed across this great country.
    • SUB-PACKED FOR EASY INSTALLATION: Neatly sub-packed 100 staples/bag - retail packaging not included as part of a strategy to reduce packaging waste


      1. Commercial grade

      These Sandbaggy 6" 8-gauge square top landscape staples are commercial grade landscape staples that will help you get the job done, whether for backyard projects or large landscaping projects.

      Application ready: Whether for backyard projects or large landscaping projects, Sandbaggy extra thick (9-gauge) staples will get the job done

      These landscape staples are designed specifically for holding down landscape fabric, PVC pipes, weed barrier fabric, and dog fence.

      2. Other uses

      Extra thick (8-gauge) staples can also be used to secure drip irrigation and wireless fences.

      Extra thick 9-gauge staples have other uses as well, incuding securing drip irrigation and wireless fences

      Made with 8-gauge steel and sharp chisel points, these landscape staples will make applying the staples to compacted/hard ground that much easier.

      3. Great for securing landscape fabric and other materials

      Sandbaggy staples are great for securing landscape fabric, bird netting, artificial turf, and drip irrigation.

      Sandbaggy staples are great for securing landscape fabric, bird netting, artificial turf, and drip irrigation.

      Customer Videos

      Using Landscape Staples to Install Weed Blocker


          Why Iowa Farmer LOVES Sandbaggy Landscape Staples.. Hint: They Hold Fabric in 50 MPH Winds


          Backyard Transformation with Sandbaggy Staples in Wisconsin Homestead - Learn More

            How many landscape staples do I need for my landscape fabric project?

            How many landscape staples do I need for my project? We recommend installing a landscape staple at least every 3 feet to hold the fabric down.

            We recommend installing a landscape staple at least every 3 feet to hold the fabric down.

            Fabric type Number of staples
            3' x 50' 100 staples
            3' x 150' 300 staples
            3' x 300' 600 staples
            3' x 500' 1000 staples
            4' x 50' 100 staples
            4' x 220' 500 staples
            4' x 300' 700 staples

            What's the difference between round top and square top sod staples?

            1. Square top 

            Square top sod staple have a flat top.

            Square top sod staples are typically used for securing landscape fabric, weed barrier fabric, dog fences & electric fences, controlling weed, securing synthetic turf, and holding sod.

            2. Round top

            Round top sod staples are rounded at the top.

            Round top sod staples are typically used to hold down irrigation pipes and PVC pipes.

            What gauge and size of landscape staples (sod staples) should I buy?

            1. Gauge

            The lower the gauge number, the thicker and stronger the metal.

            With compact soil, use landscape staples with a lower gauge, i.e. 8 gauge, so that the staples don't snap while hammering them into the ground.

            With normal or looser soil, use landscape staples with a higher gauge, i.e. 11 gauge.

            11-gauge staples are suitable for most applications.

            2. Size

            Longer staples work better in looser soils.

            The added length ensures that the landscape staple will not move after installation.

            For most soils, 6" x 1" x 6" staples will work.

            For looser soils, use longer staples, such as 9" x 1" x 9" or 12" x 1" x 12" staples.

            Will these staples rust?

            The short answer is yes.

            With normal use, the staples will definitely rust, as they are not galvanized.

            However, rust is good because it strengthens the staples' holding power and makes it more difficult to pull out.

            Also, when steel rusts, it forms a protective coating preventing further rusting.

            Rust does not affect the strength of the wire in any way and is purely cosmetic.

            These staples are usually installed once and never touched again, so rust is not a problem.

            If you decide to reuse the staples, be sure to use a pair of gloves when pulling up the staples to prevent your hands from getting dirty.

            Why not sell a galvanized version of these staples?

            Galvanized staples are considerably more expensive and unnecessary unless the staples need to be reused and the original appearance of the staple must be preserved.

            For one-time use applications, such as installing landscape fabric or drip tubing, non-galvanized staples such as these will do the job just as well.

            Non-galvanized staples can even be reused when rusted; just make sure to wear a pair of gloves when handling them to keep your hands clean.

            We do offer one version of galvanized staples: 1-inch width, 6-inch length, round top.

            Will these staples fit over a 1/2-inch PVC pipe?

            The staples are 1" wide, which should be enough space to fit over the 1/2-inch PVC pipe.

            As staples are 6" long, 5" of the staple should be in the ground.

            This is enough to anchor the pipe so long as the soil isn't too loose.

            For PVC pipes, we recommend round top staples, as the rounded top fits better over the pipe than a square top.

            I only need a few pins. Why should I buy these over the 25 or 50-packs at local stores?

            These pins are a fraction of the cost of those at local stores.

            You can pin down vines, grasses, and small roots after planting, so they stay in place until the roots establish.

            You don't have to worry about dropping or losing a pin because the cost per pin is so minimal.

            What is the difference between all the different types of landscape staples you sell?

            Length Width Gauge (lower = thicker) Ideal soil type Best use Top Galvanized?
            6-inch Square Top Landscape Sod Staples Fabric Stakes

            (most popular)
            6-inch 1-inch 11 gauge Normal Landscape fabric Square Available
            6-inch Round Top Landscape Garden Sod Staples Stakes Pins
            Round Top
            6-inch 1-inch 11 gauge Normal Install pipes Round Available
            6-inch 9-GAUGE (20% thicker) Square Top Landscape Staples - Landscape Fabric Staples Pins
            6-inch 1-inch 9 gauge Hard Strong, heavy duty Square
            6" Long x 2" Wide EXTRA WIDE Square Top Landscape Garden Sod Staples Stakes Pins
            2-inch wide
            6 or 8-inch 2-inch 9 or 8 gauge Hard 2X wider Square Available
            9-inch Square Top Heavy Duty Landscape Staples Bulk - Garden Anchor Pins
            9-inch 1-inch 11 gauge Soft Soft soil Square Available
            12-inch 8-gauge Round Top Heavy Duty Landscape Staples
            12-inch 1-inch 8 gauge Soft Long, heavy duty Round Available
            6-inch Round Top Galvanized Landscape Garden Sod Staples
            6-inch 1-inch 9 gauge Normal Rust-resistant Round Yes
            6-inch PINK COLORED Square Top Landscape Garden Sod Staples Stakes Pins
            6-inch 1-inch 11 gauge Normal Stands out Square
            6-inch Circle Top Pins Sod Staples
            Circle Top
            6-inch 1-inch 8 gauge Normal Fast installation Circle Yes
            5-inch Drip Irrigation Tubing Hold Down Stakes
            Drip Tubing
            5-inch 0.5-inch 14 gauge Normal Drip tubing (irrigation) Round Yes

            Rubber Mallet
            The easiest way to install landscape staples. Period.



            1. Depending on how hard your soil is, separate each sod staple between 1-5 ft. For very soft soil, separate each staple by 1 ft. For very hard soil, separate each staple by 5 ft.
            2. For very soft soil, we recommend longer sod staples, such as 9-inch sod staples.
            3. For very hard soil, we recommend thicker sod staples, such as 6" x 2" x 6" 9-gauge staples
            Tools required for landscape staples installation:
            • Hammer
            • Gloves

            Extra thick 9-gauge staples require two tools for installation: rubber mallet or hammer, gloves


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