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Polyethylene bags vs. sandbags vs. burlap bags

Posted by Sandy Baggs on

A common question we get asked is the difference between polyethylene bags, regular sandbags, and burlap bags.

Polyethylene Bags (Long-Lasting Sandbags)
  • Made from polyethylene (an extremely heavy duty plastic)
  • Last up to 3 years under direct sunlight
  • Sizes: 11" x 48" (green), 17" x 27" (brown), 14" x 26" (yellow)
  • Recommended if you plan on keeping them in place for a couple of years
Regular Sandbags
  • Made from polypropylene (plastic)
  • Does not last as long as monofilament bags
  • Last about 6 months under direct sunlight
  • Sizes: 14" x 26" (military green, white, beige, or orange), 18" x 30" (white), 25" x 40" (white)
  • Recommended for economical buyers
Burlap Bags (Burlap Sacks)
  • Made from strong jute natural fibers
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Sizes: 14" x 26", 22" x 36", 24" x 40"
  • Uses: storage of hardware and metal parts, flood control, sack racing

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  • Sand bags are an effective way to reduce erosion. Poly bags would last longer as they have UV protection built right in whereas burlap bags do not. Learn more:

    Brian on
  • I have neighbors who are using sandbags to help reduce beach erosion along the Michigan lake shore. Are sand bags an effective way to reduce erosion? And if a large number of sandbags are put on the beach which is best to use for longevity as well as environmentally safe? Burlap bags or Poly bags? Or should sandbags be used in this case?

    Liza on

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