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Coir Bag - Size: 14-inch x 26-inch (Lasts 1-5 years)

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  • Size: 14 inch x 26 inch
  • Lifespan: 1-5 years under direct sunlight
  • Material: coir fiber
    • From a coconut husk


  • The only 100% biodegradable bag that lasts 1-5 years under direct sunlight

  • Great for shoreline erosion issues
  • Meets or exceeds DOT and other government agencies' requirements on biodegradability

  • Must be filled with gravel


How does this coir bag compare to other biodegradable bags?

Size 12x19 burlap sacks
12" x 19"
14x26 burlap sandbags
14" x 26"
18x30 burlap sacks
18" x 30"
22x36 burlap sacks
22" x 36"
24x40 burlap sacks
24" x 40"

(most popular)
14x26 coir bag
14" x 26" coir bag
Material Burlap Burlap Burlap Burlap Burlap Coir fiber
Fabric strength 9 oz 9 oz 7 oz 7 oz 9 oz 7 oz

Flood barriers

Erosion control

Storing parts

Sack racing

Storing parts/

Shoreline erosion
Ties included No Yes No No No Yes
Weight capacity 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 100 lbs 50 lbs
100% biodegradable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time before bag begins to biodegrade 1 month 1 month 1 month 1-5 years

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