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17.5 Ft Landscape Fabric | 50 Year Fabric | For Weed Barrier, Ground Cover, Garden | Industrial Grade Fabric | 200 Lbs of Tensile Strength | Approved by DOT

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Product Introduction

How Sandbaggy Woven Geotextile Beats The Competition

What Happens When A 7000 lb Forklift Drives Directly on Sandbaggy Fabric?


Sandbaggy landscape fabric is trusted by farmers and landscape contractors across this country. Manufactured with durable, polypropylene woven fabric, Sandbaggy landscape fabric meets or exceeds DOT standards for landscaping fabric.

We ensure that this fabric has at least 200 lbs of tensile strength, as well as UV inhibitors to ensure longevity after installation. Fabric is very easy to install.

All you need to do is lay out the fabric and use Sandbaggy landscape staples to hold the fabric in place. Planting trees and plants is easy as well. Just cut the fabric with a pair of scissors and place the plant through the fabric, and you're done.

  • Width: 17.5 feet (fabric will be folded to 4 ft for easy shipping)
  • Thickness: 4 oz or 200 lb of tensile strength
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: Black


    • EXTRA WIDE 17.5 FEET FABRIC - This extra wide 17.5 ft fabric makes landscaping & gardening FASTER & EASIER than small 3 or 4 ft wide rolls! Instead of putting down 6 rolls of 3 ft fabric, just put down 1 - 17.5 ft wide roll! Save labor by choosing Sandbaggy 17.5 ft Fabric!
    • BUILT TOUGH - Made with Industrial Grade 4oz Woven Polypropylene, this Sandbaggy Fabric is the toughest in its class and is rated for 200 lbs of tensile strength. This is TWO TIMES thicker than standard fabrics. 
    • SAME, STRONG MATERIAL AS FLOOD CONTROL SANDBAGS: The durability of polypropylene woven fabric has been tested in severe flooding across this country and has stood the test of time. The same material that protects cities from being inundated with floodwaters is also used to produce Sandbaggy's commercial grade landscape fabric.
    • STOP WEEDS: Using thick 4 oz fabric tightly woven by industrial grade looms, it makes it much more difficult for weeds to puncture through the fabric. Another side benefit with landscape fabric is that it helps prevent weeds from growing by blocking out the sunlight weeds need to grow.
    • KEEP SOIL IN PLACE: Weed barrier keeps your soil in place and prevents it from being eroded away during a rainstorm. Great for use under mulch or in a greenhouse. Sandbaggy Fabric is trusted by farmers across this country from reforestation farmers in Kooskia, Idaho on the West Coast to bamboo farmers in Lithia Florida on the East Coast
    • LAB TESTED & INSPECTED: Sandbaggy inspects and lab tests landscape fabric to ensure fabric meets tough quality standards using strict ASTM standards. This means that you can rest assured that you are ONLY getting the best fabric! Sandbaggy Landscape Fabric is trusted by landscapers and farmers across this great country!
    • SAFE FOR ORGANIC FARMING: All Sandbaggy fabric is safe for organic farming
    • Note: Rolls will be folded for shipping to fit within UPS size guidelines. Rolls may arrive in 2 parts (ie if you order a 100 feet roll, you may receive two-50 ft pieces).



    • Secured to the ground using 6-inch landscape staples
    • 30-day return policy
    • Free shipping: arrives in 4 business days (5 rolls or fewer), anywhere in continental USA
      • Shipments of 10 rolls or more will take 1-3 weeks (pallet shipment)

    Fabric Lifespan - 50+ Years

    The Perfect Greenhouse Flooring Solution

    Sandbaggy Ultra Wide Landscape Fabric is the ideal solution for greenhouse flooring. This heavy duty industrial grade fabric is built to handle heavy foot traffic as well as provide a firm walkway for your workers. Install Sandbaggy Fabric surrounding the greenhouse to create pathways - mud free! 

    Stop Weeds On Your Driveway 

    Keep your driveway looking sharp and beautiful with Sandbaggy Woven Geotextile! Stop weeds in their tracks! 


    1. Heat Sealed Edges

    Heat Sealed Edges: Edges of landscape fabric are heat sealed to prevent the fabric from fraying

    A common problem with landscape fabric is that the edges fray. The edges of Sandbaggy landscape fabric are heat sealed to prevent the fabric from fraying.

    2. Securing Landscape Fabric

    Securing Landscape Fabric: Using a rubber mallet and gloves, install staples 2-4 feet apart for secure fabric installation - softer soils will require additional staples


    1. Depending on how hard your soil is, separate each 6-inch sod staple between 2-4 ft. For very soft soil, separate each staple by 2 ft. For very hard soil, separate each staple by 4 ft.
    2. For very soft soil, we recommend longer sod staples, such as 9-inch sod staples.
    3. For very hard soil, we recommend thicker sod staples, such as 6" x 2" x 6" 9-gauge staples

    Tools required for landscape staples installation:

    • Rubber Mallet
    • Gloves

    3. Comparison with Competition

    Comparison parameters with competition: UV protection, 100% virgin resin, laboratory tested, pre-shipment inspection

    • UV Protection: added to fabric
    • Made from 100% virgin resin: provides additional strength compared with recycled resin
    • Laboratory tested: to meet ASTM tests
    • Pre-shipment inspection: fabric inspected for irregularities and breakages before shipment

    4. Results on ASTM Test

    Every batch of fabric is lab tested to ensure consistency and quality throughout the fabric roll.

    Test results

    • UV Protection: ASTM D4355 - at least 80% strength after 500 hours
    • Tensile Strength: ASTDM D4632 - 200 lbs
    • Meets Class 1 requirements for Woven Geotextiles

    Calculate the number of landscape staples and rolls of 3' x 300' landscape fabric you need

    Length of plot of land (in feet)

    Width of plot of land (in feet)

    Type of soil

    Doesn't work? Make sure to allow scripts to run if you're using Internet Explorer.

    Disclaimer: provided that the assumptions listed above are taken into account, this calculator can only be used to provide a rough estimate of the number of staples and rolls of landscape fabric required.
    Each case is different and requires your own personal judgment.

    How this staples/fabric calculator works

    1. Staples

    Far more staples are required in soft soil than hard soil to properly anchor the landscape fabric in place.

    To be precise, in soft soil, install one staple every 1 foot. In normal soil, install one staple every 3 feet. In hard soil, install one staple every 5 feet.

    2. Landscape fabric

    The calculator assumes that landscape fabric is being used to cover every square foot of the plot of land.

    When rolling out landscape fabric, it's ideal to overlap the edges of the landscape fabric about 12%, so that weeds cannot grow in between the edges of the fabric.

    Landscape fabric should not be stretched straight over a dip in the ground.

    Rather, the fabric should be touching the ground at all times and should adjust to the contours of the land, such as bumps, dips, and hills.

    This allows you to walk on the installed landscape fabric without worrying about damaging it.

    Customer Videos

    Backyard Transformation with Sandbaggy Fabric in Wisconsin Homestead - Learn More


    Using Landscape Fabric to Protect Against Weeds in a Field


    Using Sandbaggy Fabric to Protect Against Weeds on Michigan Farm


    Using Sandbaggy Fabric for Weed Barrier on Oregon Farm


    What is the difference between the types of rolls you sell?

    Roll type

    Jute netting
    Jute netting

    Coir Mat

    Black landscape fabric
    Black landscape fabric

    Orange landscape fabric
    Burlap fabric roll
    Burlap fabric
    Material Jute Coconut fiber Polypropylene woven fabric Burlap
    Length 225 ft 165 ft 300, 500 ft 100, 300, 500 ft 300 ft
    Width 4 ft 4 ft 3 ft 3 ft 3.33 or 6 ft
    Coverage 900 sq. ft 1,070 sq. ft 900 or 1,500 sq. ft 300 - 1,500 sq. ft 1,000 or 1,800 sq. ft
    Price/sqft (1,000 sq. ft) $0.17 $0.30 $0.08 $0.09 $0.15

    Stabilize soil

    Control erosion

    Beach / shoreline erosion
    (Water submersion)

    Hillside erosion

    Weed barrier

    Silt fence

    Weed barrier

    Silt fence

    Table / aisle runner

    Floor mats

    Tree / shrub protection

    Life 1-2 years 2-5 years 12 months - 40 yrs (depending on Sun exposure) 12 months - 40 yrs (depending on Sun exposure) N/A
    Anchored using 6-inch sod staples N/A
    Biodegradable? Yes Yes No No Yes

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