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Landscape Garden Sod Staples (5-18 Inch Long, 6-14 Gauge)

Landscape Staples For Every Application

Sandbaggy Landscape Staples are available in several different lengths (5-18 inches) & thicknesses (7-14 gauges) for a variety of different uses. Our staples are thicker & longer than staples from Home Depot, so they don't bend as easily during installation & hold fabrics better. Use our staples for:

  • Gardens
  • Sod
  • Artificial Turf
  • Weed Barrier Fabrics
  • Drip Tubing
  • PVC Pipes
  • Rocky Ground
  • Soft Soil
  • Tent Stakes

Staples are compatible with all Sandbaggy ground cover fabric!

What is the difference between all the different types of staples you sell?

Our staples differ based on length, width, gauge (a measure of thickness), type of top, and whether or not they are galvanized (rust-resistant). The staple best for your needs will vary based on your intended application.

Length: Longer staples (9-inch, 12-inch) hold better in soft, loose soil. Shorter staples will get the job done just fine in hard, dry soil.

Gauge: The lower the gauge number, the thicker and stronger the metal. Lower gauge staples (9-gauge, 2-inch wide) are less likely to bend or snap during installation. If you are looking for heavy duty ground staples, use our 8 gauge staples.

For most applications, we recommend standard square top 6-inch sod staples and a rubber mallet for installing them.

LengthWidthGauge (lower = thicker)Ideal soil typeBest useTopGalvanized?
6-inch Square Top Landscape Sod Staples Fabric Stakes

(most popular)
6-inch1-inch11 gaugeNormalLandscape fabricSquareAvailable
6-inch Round Top Landscape Garden Sod Staples Stakes Pins
Round Top
6-inch1-inch11 gaugeNormalInstall pipesRoundAvailable
6-inch 9-GAUGE (20% thicker) Square Top Landscape Staples - Landscape Fabric Staples Pins
6-inch1-inch9 gaugeHardStrong, heavy dutySquare
6" Long x 2" Wide EXTRA WIDE Square Top Landscape Garden Sod Staples Stakes Pins
2-inch wide
6 or 8-inch2-inch9 or 8 gaugeHard2X widerSquareAvailable
9-inch Square Top Heavy Duty Landscape Staples Bulk - Garden Anchor Pins
9-inch1-inch11 gaugeSoftSoft soilSquareAvailable
12-inch 8-gauge Round Top Heavy Duty Landscape Staples
12-inch1-inch8 gaugeSoftLong, heavy dutyRoundAvailable
6-inch Round Top Galvanized Landscape Garden Sod Staples
6-inch1-inch9 gaugeNormalRust-resistantRoundYes
6-inch PINK COLORED Square Top Landscape Garden Sod Staples Stakes Pins
6-inch1-inch11 gaugeNormalStands outSquare
6-inch Circle Top Pins Sod Staples
Circle Top
6-inch1-inch8 gaugeNormalFast installationCircleYes
5-inch Drip Irrigation Tubing Hold Down Stakes
Drip Tubing
5-inch0.5-inch14 gaugeNormalDrip tubing (irrigation)RoundYes

Rubber Mallet
The easiest way to install landscape staples. Period.

What are sod staples used for?

Landscape or sod staples are great for securing landscape fabric or astroturf to soil and building weed barriers.

What are landscape staples? What are garden staples?

Landscape or garden staples are steel pins used to hold down landscape fabric, pipes, fake grass, or anything that needs to be secured to soil. Made of low carbon thick steel, they're durable and can be used with all types of landscape fabric, weed barrier fabric, erosion control matting, jute/burlap netting, artificial turf, and drip irrigation tubing.

How are these staples different from those at Home Depot?

Sandbaggy staples are thicker, longer, and stronger than those sold at Home Depot and Lowes, so they don't bend as easily during installation and secure fabrics better.

How do I calculate the number of staples and rolls of landscape fabric I need?

Calculate the number of 6" square top staples and landscape fabric you need with our landscape staples and landscape fabric calculator.*

Check out our ground cover (landscape fabric, jute).

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