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How to buy long lasting sandbags and burlap bags

Posted by Sandy Baggs on

Having been in the sandbags business for several years, we have found that there are some inferior sandbags on the market.

For example, we've seen shops advertising that their sandbags have UV protection when they do not.

Another example is when shops sell poorly made sandbags, which are often woven with poor workmanship or made with low-quality polypropylene, decreasing the longevity of the sandbag.

Here are a few ways to avoid purchasing low-quality sandbags:

  1. Avoid purchasing sandbags that are sold at ridiculously low prices. These sandbags could have been stored for years and are ready to break before it can even be used.
  2. Feel the quality of the sandbag. Polypropylene is a somewhat thick plastic.
  3. If you are using the sandbags under the sun, make sure the sandbags have UV protection. Our sandbags have 1600 hours of UV protection, meaning they can last for about six months under the sun before deteriorating.
  4. Check the weight capacity on the sandbag. Sandbags should have a weight capacity of 50 pounds.

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