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9 ft long storm drain filter sock filled with 100% recycled Rubber
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9 ft long silt sock
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Silt Sock - Sediment Filter For Stormwater Drainage (Made in USA)

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Don't Let Stormwater Become a Threat

Follow best practices for stormwater management, maintain water flow, and protect the environment with our durable Silt Sock (also known as sediment control socks). These 9 ft long socks are constructed with a UV-resistant polyethylene mesh, providing a longer lifespan (1-2 years under direct sunlight) compared to traditional polypropylene or burlap options. The mesh design allows for efficient sediment trapping while allowing clean water to pass through rapidly.

Easy to install, place our storm drain filter sock anywhere there is potential for harmful stormwater runoff (construction sites, inlet protection, catch basins, etc.). You can easily overlap and stack multiple socks to provide extended protection for stormwater drainage systems or erosion control applications. Each sock is pre-filled with recycled rubber and weighs 42 lbs, able to stay in place even under heavy rain or on steep slopes, while maximizing water flow for efficient sediment removal.


  • Prefilled: Yes
  • Filling Material: Recycled Rubber Mulch
  • Width: 7 inch
  • Length: 9 feet
  • Height: 4 inch
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • UV Protected: Yes
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Application
    • Storm Drain Protection
    • Sediment Removal
    • Erosion Control


  • Made to Withstand Heavy Duty Applications! Constructed with plastic welded edges and a high density polyethylene mesh, these filter socks are perfect for heavy duty applications. Made in the USA, they provide excellent performance.
  • UV Protected For Long Lasting Performance: Made with industry leading light stabilizers, our silt socks have a high UV rating. They last 1-2 years under direct sunlight, even in high temperature areas like California and Florida!
  • Fast & Easy Installation: Looped ends for easy stacking and transportation. Our silt socks can be overlapped for extended coverage and protection.
  • Prefilled with 100% Recycled Rubber Mulch to help comply with SWPPP Regulations. Each silt sock weighs 42 lbs total, able to stay in place even under heavy rains.
  • Superior Water Filtration without Sacrificing Flow: The combination of a polyethylene mesh exterior and rubber mulch filling, allows for efficient and effective filtration, trapping sediments but not the water.
  • Versatile Drainage Socks: This 9-ft long drain guard provides comprehensive protection for a variety of drainage points, such as storm drains, catch basins, and inlets. It is ideal for safeguarding against harmful stormwater runoff in areas such as downspouts, gullies, and ditches.
  • Also Great For Erosion Control: Silt Socks serve as an effective water barrier, slowing down runoff and protecting against erosion. It is particularly beneficial on steep slopes and can serve as a substitute for silt fencing in certain circumstances.


What is the purpose of a silt sock?

Silt socks are long fabric tubes that act as water barriers. They slow runoff, trap sediment, and prevent erosion, especially on slopes, by catching soil particles that would otherwise wash away and pollute waterways. This helps protect the health of nearby streams, rivers, and lakes.

How do storm drain filters work?

Implementing storm drain filters can effectively capture runoff to prevent harmful contaminants, hydrocarbons, debris, trash, and plastics from entering storm drains and ensure compliance with state and federal pollution regulations. These filters serve as an essential best management practice for stormwater projects and come in various styles and types to accommodate different drains and grates, as well as having different levels of effectiveness and usage.

How do you keep dirt out of a storm drain?

Installing silt socks around storm drains is a proven method for capturing sediment in stormwater runoff. To ensure continued efficacy, it is important to routinely clean or replace the socks as needed.

Where else can I use silt socks besides storm drains?

Silt socks can be used around construction sites, driveways, patios, and other areas prone to erosion.

How long will a silt sock last?

With added UV protection, Sandbaggy silt socks are able to withstand direct sunlight for 1-2 years, even in high temperature areas such as California and Florida. Made from a polyethylene mesh, these silt socks are durable and reliable for long-term use.

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