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Concrete Curing Blankets - Curelap - Burlene - 10 ft Width

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  • Materials: 5-mil polypropylene fabric and 10-ounce burlap laminated together


  • The most inexpensive yet effective way to cure concrete: The burlap will help evenly distribute water over the freshly poured concrete while the UV-treated white polypropylene will reflect potentially damaging rays from the sun.
  • Strengthens concrete while preventing cracking: The combination of polypropylene and burlap allows concrete to remain wet for a longer period of time. The increased moisture content strengthens the concrete and reduces the likelihood of cracks later on.
    Concrete curing blankets (curelap / burlene): One side is 10 oz burlap while the other side is 5 mil white poly fabric. Curelap meets AASHTO M-182 for specifications for burlap.
  • Meets US DOT specs: fully compliant with the concrete curing blanket requirements of the AASHTO M-182 specification and DOT requirements
  • Packaged for easy transport: packaged in 5-foot wide rolls for transport, which can be unrolled to the full 10 feet when on site.


Concrete curing blanket, also called curelap or burlene, is the most inexpensive way to cure concrete.

Sandbaggy's curelap blankets are UV treated to lengthen the usable life of the blankets.

From road infrastructure projects to building retaining walls, burlene blankets allow for the ideal 'wet cure' technique for curing concrete.

Concrete curing blankets (curelap / burlene): great for highway concrete projects, retaining walls, slabs and other vertical concrete projects, bridge concrete projects

Installation Tips

  1. Place the curing blanket onto the freshly poured concrete, with burlap side down (touching the concrete) and the poly side up.
  2. To maximize the strength of the concrete, re-wet the burlap every 1-2 days.
  3. When curing concrete, allow for a minimum of 3 dry days after blanket installation before removing the blankets
  4. After using the blankets, dry out the burlap side of the curelap. You can do so by leaving it out in the sun.

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