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Studded T-Post - Green Color Steel

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  • Length: 5 feet (0.95 pounds / foot), 6 feet (1.33 pounds / foot)
  • Weight of each post
    • 5-ft post: 4.75 lbs
    • 6-ft post: 8 lbs
  • Material: Rust-resistant Studded Steel
  • Color: Green


  • Great for use in fencing on farms and ranches and in gardens and backyards

  • Can serve as fence posts for chain-link fences
  • Posts can be driven into dirt, soil, or sand without any prior digging
  • Includes an anchor plate, as known as a spade
  • Can be used for safety fencing and erosion control purposes
  • Great for supporting silt fence
    T-Posts: Great for securing silt fences of all kinds


T-posts are strong, studded fence posts made of steel, tough enough to handle the most extreme weather temperatures.

They are available in two options:

  • Standard: 5 feet long, weighing 0.95 pounds / foot
  • Heavy duty: 6 feet long, weighing 1.33 pounds / foot
    • The 30% heavier weight per foot makes it more suitable for heavy duty use cases

T-posts can be used to build safety fencing on job sites, temporary fencing to control erosion, and permanent fencing for agricultural use. 

T-posts are both affordable and heavy duty, so they are often used in lieu of less durable wood posts.

A coating of a 20 micron thick layer of paint helps increase longevity and prevent rust.

Installation Guide

T-posts should be driven 1 to 1.5 feet into the ground for stability. To build a 3-foot tall fence, use a 5-foot T-post, placing 2 feet of the T-post into the ground.

To build a sturdy fence, use one T-post every 8-10 feet. For easy installation of T-posts, be sure to use a T-post driver.

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