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Sheepskin Leather Work Gloves - Soft, Heavy Duty

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Length (Gauge)

6-inch (9 gauge)

8-inch (8 gauge galvanized) - 90% markup

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Super Comfortable Work Gloves

Sandbaggy Sheepskin Leather Work Gloves are the perfect safety gloves for lightweight or heavy duty jobs. They are extremely comfortable, as sheepskin leather is known for its softness, breathability, and flexibility. They’re also perfect for a wide variety of applications since sheepskin is waterproof, as well as resistant to the cold and heat.

These are full grain leather work gloves, This makes these gloves tough and heavy duty, able to be used for applications such as construction, landscaping, wood working, and gardening. Full grain leather is the thickest grade of leather adding to the durability of the glove.

Great for both men and women, these light gray leather work gloves are a small / medium size (see size chart below).


  • Material: Full Grain Sheepskin Leather
  • Size (measured in palm circumference): Small/Medium (7-9 inches)
  • Color: Light Gray
  • Gender: Men / Women
  • Cuff Style: Elastic with Velcro style Fastener
  • Thumb Style: Keystone
  • Protection Types
    • Heat Resistant
    • Cold Resistant
    • Water Resistant (waterproof)
    • Flame-retardant


  • Tough Full Grain Leather: Full grain leather is extremely durable making it great for heavy duty jobs. It is thicker and tougher than top grain and split grade leathers, giving it added protection to wear and tear.
  • Soft & Flexible: Easier to use than other types of leather, sheepskin is known for its softness and flexibility.
  • Breathable: Sheepskin is a lightweight and breathable material able to stay cool in warmer working conditions. Sheepskin leather is also sweat-absorbent, so no more sweaty hands.
  • Great for Cold or Warm Weather: Sheepskin has natural insulating properties, yet is breathable and able to keep your hands cool during warm weather.
  • Waterproof: Full grain leather is the most water resistant grade of leather, while sheepskin is a more waterproof type of leather. This combination allows these gloves to be an ideal choice for wet work.
  • Comfortable Fit: These gloves include a keystone thumb design for added mobility and an elastic wrist with a velcro like fastener for a more snug fit.
  • Heavy Duty Applications: Great for carpentry, construction, farming, landscaping, & more! The thicker material makes them good leather safety gloves.
  • Resistant to flames and static electricity


What type of leather work gloves are best?

This will depend on what you will be using them for.

  • Sheepskin gloves offer extreme softness and comfort. These gloves are great for everyday tasks whether in warm or cold conditions.
  • Cowhide gloves are great for heavy duty jobs. These are the thickest gloves offering the best durability.
  • Pig skin gloves are great for handling materials, maintenance work, and are water resistant. These are the most breathable and great for humid areas.
  • Goatskin gloves are great for medium duty jobs. Goat skin is the strongest type of leather, but not as thick as cowhide.
  • Deerskin gloves are great for comfort. They are extremely soft and flexible.

What is the toughest leather glove?

Goatskin is the strongest type of leather, while cowhide is the thickest and most durable. Regardless of whether you are looking to use cowhide or goatskin, for the thickest and toughest gloves make sure they are full grain leather gloves.

Full grain leather gloves are thicker than split or top grain leather, since it uses the entire hide. They are the best heavy duty leather work gloves.

Is sheepskin leather good for gloves?

Sheepskin leather is great when you want a glove that offers maximum comfort, dexterity, and touch sensitivity. That's because sheepskin is thinner, softer, more breathable and flexible than other types of leather, yet provides a natural insulation. This makes them ideal for using in cold or warm weather. They are commonly used for casual and country gloves.

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