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6 mil vapor barrier 100 ft roll
vapor barrier for interior walls, crawl spaces, underlayment
heavy duty vapor barrier
100% Virgin Polyethylene Vapor Barrier Rolls
Vapor Barrier - 6 Mil or 10 Mil Thick Polyethylene - 100 ft Roll
10 mil vapor barrier installation
interior walls construction
Crawl Space with Concrete Flooring
thick 6 mil plastic sheeting
Black Plastic Sheeting Rolls Made of Polyethylene
industrial grade virgin polyethylene sheeting for construction
Poly Sheeting Rolls for Crawl Spaces, Roof Protection, Covering Stockpiles, Vapor Barrier under concrete.
Clear Plastic Sheeting 60 lbs Rolls
Waterproof Vapor Barriers can also protect roofs
Vapor Barrier - 6 Mil or 10 Mil Thick Polyethylene - 100 ft Roll
Vapor Barrier - 6 Mil or 10 Mil Thick Polyethylene - 100 ft Roll

Vapor Barrier - 6 Mil or 10 Mil Thick Polyethylene - 100 ft Roll

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Prevent Water Condensation In Your Home our Building

Protect your homes and buildings from moisture, dampness, and condensation with Vapor Barriers. Made from industrial grade polyethylene resin, our vapor barriers are waterproof and resistant to many chemicals.  Plus they have 50% more tear strength than competing foreign-made poly sheeting (typically 3 mil thick). They are the perfect moisture barrier for:

  • interior walls
  • crawl space
  • exterior walls
  • underlayment
  • under concrete slabs
  • under laminate flooring

When using vapor barriers for crawl spaces 6 Mil Vapor Barrier are the bare minimum thickness. If the crawl space is going to have people walking over it for regular maintenance, have items stored on top of it, or it is going to be placed on top of items that may puncture the material like rocks, then we recommend the 10 Mil Vapor Barrier

*Always check your building codes to ensure you are installing the correct thickness of vapor barrier.


  • Material: Virgin Polyethylene (plastic)
  • Thickness: 6 mil or 10 mil
    • Typical plastic sheeting is only 3 mil thick, half as thick as ours
  • Sizes: 10 ft x 100 ft, 20 ft x 100 ft, or 40 ft x 100 ft 
  • Color: Black
  • UV inhibitor: 200 UV hours
Polyethylene Vapor Barrier Specifications


  • TRUST IN AMERICAN MADE Made in Los Angeles, California, Sandbaggy vapor barrier rolls are built to be used and stretched. Foreign made plastic sheet tears easily like paper. Support American jobs!
  • SUPERIOR TEAR STRENGTH - Sandbaggy Poly Sheeting Rolls have 50% more tear strength than competing foreign-made sheeting! This means that your sheeting will not fail on you when you need it most!
  • HEAVY DUTY - Strong enough to be used for construction, industrial and agricultural applications. Sandbaggy Polyethylene Vapor Barriers meets and exceeds ASTM D4397 Standard Specifications.
  • VIRGIN POLYETHYLENE: Less likely to break, our polyethylene vapor barriers are not made from recycled materials.
  • EASY TO CUT - With a pair of scissors, you can easily cut the plastic sheeting to the desirable length and width for the specific application.
  • REUSABLE - Each Sandbaggy roll is massive and can be REUSED over and over again until it tears and breaks down. 

Other names for Vapor Barriers are visqueen barrier or a vapor retarder.

Moisture Barrier Uses

Sandbaggy Vapor Barrier provides moisture protection:

  • Over concrete substances.
  • Use on/below and above grade
  • Polyethylene Film for laminate engineered wood flooring

Installaing Your Vapor Barrier

  1.  Make sure your subfloor is level, clean, and dry. You do not want anything that could potentially tear the vapor barrier on the floor, such as protruding nails or rocks. If installing over concrete, make sure the moisture emission rates do not exceed 31 lbs. per 1000 square feet per 24 hours as measured by the Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Test,
  2. Apply Butyl Tape to walls, this will ensure when you run your vapor barrier up the walls that it will stick.
  3. Choose a corner of the room and roll out your vapor barrier sheeting. Make sure your vapor barrier is:
    1. Parallel to the wall
    2. Running in the opposite direction that you plan to install the flooring planks. 
    3. 1/2" to 3/4" away from the wall
  4. Overlap your vapor barrier sheeting with another sheet that will run up the wall (covering the 1/2" to 3/4" inch gap). Apply Vapor Barrier Seam Tape to stick the vapor barrier sheets together.
    1. Make sure it runs up the walls around 4-6". 
    2. It should overlap the other sheet by 6".
  5. After the flooring is installed, trim, the excess underlayment back to the height of the finished floor. Do this prior to installing a base or molding


What is the minimum thickness of a vapor barrier?

Minimum vapor barrier thickness will depend on your building requirements, in which the application and the environment play a role. For crawl spaces, 6 mil thick vapor barriers are generally the minimum, but if the ground is rocky or it is being placed in a high traffic area, a thicker plastic sheeting may be necessary. If you are placing a vapor barrier under concreter floors or slabs then the minimum thickness generally is 10 mil. 

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