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open steel strapping seals
heavy duty 1/2" x 1¼" Open Steel Strapping Seals - 0.6 mm thick
open strapping seals 1/2 inch wide by 1 1/4 inch long
rust resistant steel open strapping seals
commercial (industrial) open seals for palletizing
open strapping seals for securing 1/2" steel strapping
1/2" x 1-1/4" steel strapping seals
metal banding clips for steel strapping
open seals for palletizing large items
heavy duty open seals for Commercial & Industrial Application
strapping supplies steel seals
open seals for heavy shipping loads
open seals for sale as low as $0.05 each

1/2" x 1¼" Open Steel Strapping Seals - Metal Banding Clips

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Protect Your Packages During Transit!

Secure your packages and shipments with Sandbaggy 1/2" x 1¼" Open Steel Strapping Seals (also known as metal banding clips)! Designed to work seamlessly with any standard 1/2" steel strapping and easy to apply by hand or with a strapping tool, they are a versatile choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. They are perfect for industries such as shipping, warehousing, manufacturing, construction, and more!

Our open seals are superior to competitors because their 1 1/4 inch length (25% longer) and 0.6 mm thickness (20% More Steel) make them stronger and more secure, providing optimal protection for your shipments and packages. They’re able to safely and effectively secure heavy-duty items, such as machinery, steel beams, or lumber. Plus our open seals are galvanized, making them resistant to rust. We sell them in bulk as low as $0.03 per seal.


  • Seal Type: Open
  • Material: Steel
    • Galvanized (Rust Resistant)
    • Thickness: 0.6 mm
  • Width: ½ inch
  • Length: 1 ¼ inch


  • Open Seals: Much easier to use, open metal seals for steel strapping allow for easy insertion of the strapping, can be used with any type of steel strapping, and can be applied by hand or with a strapping tool.
  • 25% Longer For A More Secure Grip: Our 1-1/4" steel strapping seals are 25% longer than our competitors seals which are only 1” long, thus reducing the risk of slippage or movement during transit. Longer seals provide a tighter and stronger grip on strapping since they have a greater surface area, which allows for more contact with the strapping.
  • 20% Thicker Steel: To ensure our seals won’t break they are constructed with a 0.6 mm thick steel. This is 20% thicker than our competitors, which are 0.5 mm thick.
  • Rust Resistant: Our open steel seals are galvanized (coated with zinc) to make them resistant to rust, extending the lifespan of the seals.
  • Commercial & Industrial Applications: Great for use in the shipping, warehousing, manufacturing, & construction industries. Our open seals are perfect for securing steel strapping around packages, bundles, and pallets.
  • Secures 1/2" steel strapping for heavy items, such as machinery, steel beams, lumber, etc. They work great for palletizing and bundling.


What is a strapping seal?

A strapping seal is a small metal or plastic clip that’s used to secure the ends of strapping together, usually used in the shipping and logistics industry to secure packages and pallets. It is placed over the overlapping ends of the strapping, then crimped or clamped to create a tight, secure seal.

What is the difference between strapping buckles and seals?

The difference between strapping seals and buckles are how they are used to secure strapping. Strapping seals are crimped or clamped onto the ends of the strapping to create a tight seal. Strapping buckles are used to thread the strapping through and then tighten the buckle to secure the strapping in place.

What is the purpose of steel strapping?

Steel strapping provides a strong and durable packaging and bundling solution for heavy or bulky items. This is ideal in industries such as shipping, construction, and manufacturing.

How do you secure metal strapping with strapping seals?

When using strapping seals, overlap the ends of the strapping and place the seal over the overlap. Then use a strapping tool to crimp or clamp the seal tightly onto the strapping.

Closed Vs Open Strapping Seals

Open seals and closed seals are two types of strapping seals used to secure the ends of steel strapping. Open seals have an open design, allowing for easy insertion of the strapping, and are commonly used in the shipping and logistics industry due to their ease of use and versatility. Closed seals, on the other hand, have a closed design that requires the strapping to be threaded through the seal before it is crimped or clamped. Closed seals are commonly used in the construction industry for heavy materials, offering a strong and secure hold on the strapping. Choosing between open and closed seals depends on the specific application and type of strapping being used.


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