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Non-Woven Filter Fabric 8 oz - Landscape Fabric - Toughest on the Market - 50 Year Fabric - Made in USA

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Product Introduction

  • MADE IN AMERICA - Support American jobs, American infrastructure and American FAMILIES - While everyone else has outsourced to China, we are one of the ONLY companies that still makes our fabric in America. 
  • BUILT TOUGH - Made with Industrial Grade 8oz Non-Woven Polypropylene, this Sandbaggy Fabric is the toughest in its class and is rated for 205 lbs of tensile strength. This is TWO TIMES thicker than standard fabrics. 
  • BEST FLOW RATES - This fabric boasts some of the best flow rates for a Landscape Fabric with 110 GPM per square ft meaning better drainage and flow-through while being extremely strong!
  • GREAT FOR MANY APPLICATIONS - This Sandbaggy Fabric has so many uses such as Farming/Gardening, Landscaping, Road Stabilization, Drainage Installations, Rip Rap, Retaining Walls and Volleyball Court Construction
  • FLEXIBLE & SOFT FABRIC - Unlike standard woven fabrics that are rigid, Sandbaggy Non-Woven Filter Fabric is flexible and easily conforms to uneven surfaces
  • IMPROVES DRAINAGE - Sandbaggy Filter Fabric helps prevent clogging, extends drainage system life and performance and is great for french drains, trench drains and blanket drains. 
  • DOES NOT FRAY - You can cut as many X's as you want and the fabric will not fray
  • SAFE FOR ORGANIC FARMING: All Sandbaggy fabric is safe for organic farming
  • PALLET/TRUCKLOAD PRICING - Please contact us for bulk pallet pricing or truckload discount


  • Thickness8 oz
  • Material: polypropylene non-woven fabric
  • Roll Weight:
    • 3 x 50 ft - 8 lbs
    • 3 x 100 ft - 15 lbs
    • 3 x 300 ft - 46 lbs
    • 5 x 50 ft - 13 lbs
    • 5 x 100 ft - 25 lbs
    • 5 x 300 ft - 76 lbs
    • 6 x 50 ft - 15 lbs
    • 6 x 100 ft - 30 lbs
    • 10 x 50 ft - 25 lbs
    • 10 x 100 ft - 50 lbs
    • 15 x 25 ft - 19 lbs
    • 15 x 50 ft - 38 lbs
  • Folded Fabric: Rolls over 3 feet will be folded in half to fit within UPS size guidelines. In addition, Rolls may arrive in 2 parts depending on the roll (for example: if you order a 100 feet roll, you may receive two-50 ft pieces). 
  • Fabric Variance: Please note that fabric may have approx (±) 3% variance in size due to manufacturer's cutting machine


  • Great for use as a weed barrier in a vegetable garden to control weeds
  • Helps prevent soil erosion when it rains 
  • Works great under mulch, in a greenhouse, or outdoors
  • Great for Volleyball Court Construction - provides separation layer between sand and dirt while allowing water to flow through fabric - a true win-win


  • This geotextile fabric is permeable, allowing water to go through

Parking Lot / Road Construction

Sandbaggy 8 oz Non Woven Geotextile is often used as an underlayment for parking lots, driveways and gravel roads. This fabric helps stabilize the soil as well as create a separating layer between the soil and aggregate. In August 2021, a large farm in Oregon installed over 500,000 square feet of this Geotextile for gravel road construction.

Fabric Lifespan - 50+ Years


Proprietary Manufacturing Process

Learn more about our proprietary manufacturing process that makes our fabric better than the competition


Customer Videos 

Using Sandbaggy Fabric to Protect Against Weeds on Michigan Farm


Using Sandbaggy Fabric for Dry Creek Bed Construction in Pennsylvania


How Sandbaggy 8 oz Fabric Stopped Weeds & Improved Filtration At N. Carolina Home


Building A French Drain with Sandbaggy Fabric


This Non-Woven Landscape Fabric will help you get your landscaping job done.

1. Fabric can never stop all weeds

Other competitors claim that no weeds can grow through their 'heavy duty' weed barrier fabric. This is false advertising.

No matter how thick the weed barrier fabric is, certain weeds are still strong enough to break through the fabric. Our recommendation is to use herbicides to kill the weeds or pull them out by hand when they grow through.

2. Comparison chart of Sandbaggy's ground cover and competitors'

Sandbaggy's ground cover has built-in UV protection, is made from 100% virgin resin to provide additional strength, is laboratory tested to meet ASTM test methods, and has undergone pre-shipment inspection for irregularities.

4. Installation

When installing this landscape fabric, use a rubber mallet and gloves. Install staples 2-4 feet apart for secure fabric installation. Softer soils will require additional staples.

In the Press

Sandbaggy has been written up by Fox, Daily Herald, MarketWatch and other news outlets for leading the industry with American made fabric.


What is the difference between the types of rolls you sell?

Roll type

Jute netting
Jute netting

Coir Mat

Black landscape fabric
Black landscape fabric

Orange landscape fabric
Burlap fabric roll
Burlap fabric
Material Jute Coconut fiber Polypropylene woven fabric Burlap
Length 225 ft 165 ft 300, 500 ft 100, 300, 500 ft 300 ft
Width 4 ft 4 ft 3 ft 3 ft 3.33 or 6 ft
Coverage 900 sq. ft 1,070 sq. ft 900 or 1,500 sq. ft 300 - 1,500 sq. ft 1,000 or 1,800 sq. ft
Price/sqft (1,000 sq. ft) $0.17 $0.30 $0.08 $0.09 $0.15

Stabilize soil

Control erosion

Beach / shoreline erosion
(Water submersion)

Hillside erosion

Weed barrier

Silt fence

Weed barrier

Silt fence

Table / aisle runner

Floor mats

Tree / shrub protection

Life 1-2 years 2-5 years 12 months - 40 yrs (depending on Sun exposure) 12 months - 40 yrs (depending on Sun exposure) N/A
Anchored using 6-inch sod staples N/A
Biodegradable? Yes Yes No No Yes
9 months - 10 yrs (depending on Sun exposure)

Our Customers

Our sandbags, burlap bags, and landscape staples are trusted by

United States Marine CorpsMarine Corps
United States ArmyUS Army
National Park ServicePark Service
US Forest ServiceForest Service
American Red CrossRed Cross

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