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Contractor Paper covering hardwood floors
Contractor Paper For Remodeling Homes
Heavy Duty Builders Paper Roll - 75 lb Construction Paper (Brown)
brown contractor paper
heavy weight builders paper 75 lb.
roll of construction paper temporary floor protection
Kraft Paper Roll for construction projects

Heavy Duty Builders Paper Roll - 75 lb Construction Paper (Brown)

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Temporary Floor Protection For Contractors

Sandbaggy Builders Paper Rolls, also known as contractor paper, offers great temporary protection for your floors, walls, and other surfaces during construction and renovation projects. You can also use our builders paper for insulation or soundproofing applications.

These are a heavy weight builders paper, made from a thick 75 lb. construction paper. Though they are thicker than your average construction paper, they are unwaxed and uncoated, making them easy to cut for your desired application. Order our builders paper for sale, as low as $52 per roll. We sell rolls as large as 2,375 square feet.


  • Material: Paper (Recycled Cardboard Boxes)
  • Basis Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Thickness: 10 Mil
  • Roll Width(s)
    • 2 ft (24 inches)
    • 3 ft (36 inches)
    • 4 ft (48 inches)
    • 5 ft (60 inches)
  • Roll Length(s)
    • 50 ft (16.67 Yards)
    • 475 ft (158.33 Yards)
  • Color: Brown
  • Roll Weight
    • 2 ft x 475 ft - 26 lbs
    • 3 ft x 475 ft - 38 lbs
    • 4 ft x 475 ft - 50 lbs
    • 5 ft x 475 ft - 64 lb


    • Made from Recycled Materials: Our kraft paper rolls are made from recycled cardboard boxes, making them a more eco-friendly and sustainable product.
    • Great For Painting: Sandbaggy 75 lb construction paper is an ideal builder's paper for painting. It’s less likely to absorb or allow paint to soak through compared to thinner, more porous papers. Always check what type of paper is recommended, since there are a variety of types of paints and paint jobs.
    • Protects Surfaces From Damage During Construction Projects: A simple and fast way to protect floors, walls, and other surfaces during construction or renovation projects. Since all you need to do is cut and tape it down, it’s a favorite of many contractors.
    • Heavy Duty: 75 lb construction paper provides extra weight and protection, as compared to commonly used 30 lb construction paper.
    • Unwaxed & Uncoated making it easy to cut for your desired projects and purposes.
    • Insulation: Can be used as insulation between layers of building materials, helping to reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency.
    • Soundproofing: Builders paper is also used for soundproofing. It can absorb sound waves and reduce sound transmission between rooms.
    • Made In America: We proudly support American manufacturing, workers, & families.


    What do you use builders paper for?

    Builders paper is mainly used to protect surfaces from damage in construction and renovation projects. It can also be used as a moisture barrier (if treated with a coating) or for insulation and soundproofing.

    Is builders paper the same as kraft paper?

    Builders paper is a type of kraft paper. Kraft paper comes in many styles and thicknesses, builders paper will be on the thicker and more durable end of the kraft paper spectrum. To know the thickness of your paper, use the paper’s weight as an indicator. For example, our builders paper is a 75 lb kraft paper.

    What is the difference between red rosin paper and builders paper?

    Both builders paper and red rosin paper are used in construction and renovation projects. Red Rosin paper is waterproof, since it’s coated with a layer of asphalt. This makes it more useful as a moisture barrier. Builders paper is often used as a general purpose protective barrier for floors, walls, and other surfaces during construction projects.

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