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compost filter sock
22 ft long burlap compost filter sock
27 ft long burlap compost filter sock
burlap compost filter sock is 100% biodegradable
burlap filter sock for erosion control filled with compost, sand, or gravel
burlap compost filter sock for erosion control on construction site and embankments
empty burlap biodegradable compost filter sock
13 inch x 27 ft Burlap erosion control tube
jute sediment filter logs filled with compost
burlap filter socks filled and rolled up
Eco-Friendly 8" diameter filled Burlap Tubes For Erosion Control
27 ft long erosion control logs filled with straw
sediment  filter socks for construction sites - 8" height when filled with compost
compost filter sock

Empty Burlap Compost Filter Sock - 2 sizes: 8" x 27 ft or 12" x 22 ft - Sediment & Erosion Control - 100% Biodegradable

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Control Erosion - Filter Sediment and Silt

Control erosion, retain sediment, and filter out pollutants with Sandbaggy Compost Filter Socks (also known as silt socks). Use them on a construction site or anywhere else you need to control runoff water. Our sock meets or exceeds California DOT requirements, which are the toughest specifications in the country!

Made of natural burlap, this is an eco-friendly erosion control sock. It's 100% biodegradable & lasts 1-2 years under direct sunlight. Once it starts to break down, it will fertilize your soil! 


  • Two Size Options
    • Option 1 - Standard - 8 inch x 27 ft
      • Diameter: 8 inch when filled.
      • Each sock is 27 ft long.
      • Unfilled dimensions - 13 inch width x 27 ft length
    • Option 2 - XL - 12 inch x 22 ft
      • Diameter: 12 inch when filled
      • Each sock is 22 ft long.
      • Unfilled dimensions - 15 inch width x 22 ft length
  • Material: Natural Burlap (100% Jute)


  • EMPTY FILTER SOCK READY TO BE FILLED - This Sandbaggy Compost Sock is ready to be filled with compost or straw to make compost socks or straw wattles.
  • ONLY BIODEGRADABLE FILTER SOCK ON THE MARKET - Made from 100% burlap, this filter sock is the only 100% biodegradable erosion control solution on the market. Once installed, the burlap will start breaking down over some months and become fertilizer to the soil underneath. All other filter socks are made from plastic that DO NOT biodegrade
  • FILTER WATER RUNOFF: Don't allow contaminated water to enter drains. Compost filter socks are able to filter a variety of debris and pollutants preventing them from entering surrounding areas, such as storm drains or irrigation systems.
  • GREAT FOR COMMERCIAL SITES: These compost filter socks are perfect for commercial use like construction sites.
  • MEETS DOT REQUIREMENTS - Sandbaggy Burlap Sock meets or exceeds DOT standards for straw wattles or compost socks. Based in California, Sandbaggy has engineered this Burlap Sock to meet California DOT requirements, which is the toughest specifications in the country.
  • EASILY CUT TO SIZE - Use a pair of scissors to cut the tube bag to the application needed. Then, use zip ties/bar ties to close the ends. And you're done! These make the perfect stormwater filter socks.


How do you install a compost filter sock?

When installing a compost filter sock you want to make sure it maintains full contact with the ground, this may require you to remove vegetation. Next you will want to make sure it is running perpendicular to the water runoff flow. Lastly, you'll want to anchor the compost socks to the ground when applicable.

What does a filter sock do?

A filter sock is able to filter and remove pollutants from water runoff, it is also able to act as a permeable water barrier. Filter socks are commonly used for:

  • Perimeter control on construction sites
  • Sediment filtration for irrigation systems
  • Erosions control on slopes
  • Inlet protection
  • Check dam for stormwater runoff

Are filter socks biodegradable?

Most filter socks are not biodegradable as they are made from polypropylene (plastic). If your compost filter sock is constructed from natural material like burlap, then it will biodegrade.

Compost filter sock vs silt fence

Compost filter socks are more efficient and effective than using silt fences. They're better at filtering water since they are filled with compost, providing an extra layer of filtration to catch things like oil. They are also more durable, being less likely to fall over or break due to environmental conditions. Lastly they are easier to install since you don't have to dig a trench and you can shape for your desired needs.

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