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Dewatering Bags last up to 50 hours before needing to be replaced
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Dewatering Bags - Made in America - For Filtering Sediment, Oil, Sludge & Pollutants

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Filters Out Sediment, Oil, & Sludge!

Protect against erosion and pollution when dewatering your site with Sandbaggy Dewatering Bags. They'll filter out anything from sediments, silt, sludge, oil, and more! Plus, they're extremely heavy duty, lasting 30 to 50 hours of pumping before needing replacement.

Perfect for use on a construction site or for dredging, these non woven geotextile dewatering bags filter sediment at an 80% removal efficiency, preventing it from clogging up the pipes and infrastructure that make up our water system.

Delivers in 2-7 business days - orders above 20 pcs may require an additional 1-2 days of production time.


  • Sizes (in feet):
    • 3 ft x 4 ft - holds 12 cu ft of sediment
    • 5 ft x 5 ft - holds 25 cu ft of sediment
    • 5 ft x 7 ft  - holds 35 cu ft of sediment
    • 5 ft x 10 ft  - holds 50 cu ft of sediment
    • 6 ft x 6 ft  - holds 36 cu ft of sediment
    • 10 ft x 10 ft  - holds 100 cu ft of sediment
    • 15 ft x 10 ft  - holds 150 cu ft of sediment
    • 15 ft x 15 ft  - holds 225 cu ft of sediment
  • Material: non woven needle-punched polypropylene
    • Geotextile
  • Color: Black
  • Tensile Strength: 205 lbs.
  • 80 US Sieve Rating
  • Lifespan: 30-50 hours
  • 80% Sediment Removal Efficiency
  • Accommodates up to 4 inch Discharge Hose


  • GOOD FOR INDUSTRIAL & CONSTRUCTION SITES: Prevent contaminants and sediment from getting into the water system
  • HEAVY DUTY DEWATERING BAG - Made of tough needle-punched polypropylene with a tensile strength of 205 lbs, this Sandbaggy product is built tough! Lasts 30-50 hours of pumping before needing replacement.
  • CAPTURE SEDIMENT, SILT, OIL, SLUDGE, TRASH - Great for pumping out containment areas, ponds, dredging locations, etc. Filters sediment at an 80% removal efficiency, preventing it from clogging up the pipes and infrastructure that make up our water system.
  • GREAT FOR MANY TYPES OF FACILITIES - From construction sites to industrial parks, Sandbaggy Dewatering Bag will get the job done!
  • GEOTEXTILE FABRIC: Made of industrial grade nonwoven fabric, the same type of fabric underlying roads
  • MADE IN AMERICA - Support American jobs, American infrastructure and American FAMILIES - don't settle for some cheap foreign alternative


Sandbaggy Dewatering Bags are a sediment and silt filter. They work by filtering the silt and sediment from water which prevents water from clogging up the pipes and infrastructure that make up our water system. They also collect other pollutants such as oil and sludge. Use these silt and sediment bags for:

  • construction sites
  • dredging
  • erosion control

Using Sandbaggy Dewatering Bags in Los Angeles During Rainstorm 

Using Sandbaggy Dewatering Bags in Los Angeles California During Rainstorms from Sandbaggy on Vimeo.


What are dewatering bags?

Dewatering Bags, also known as sediment filter bags, are bags used to filter sediments, silt, sludge and other pollutants from water pumped into them. They are used for cleaning water from construction sites, ponds, and dredging locations.

Are dewatering bags reusable?

Dewatering bags can be cleaned and reused, but we do not recommend this as a best practice.

How do dewatering bags work?

Dewatering bags work by cleaning the dirty water that’s being pumped into them from an outside source, such as a pond. Because the bags are made from a non woven geotextile fabric, which acts as a filter, the water is allowed to pass through but not the larger more solid materials: sediments, silt, sludge, etc.

Why do we need dewatering?

Dewatering is needed in construction and dredging. It’s needed in construction to ensure the longevity of the building project by helping to stabilize soil and protect against erosion. It also contributes to worker safety and efficiency.

Dewatering is needed in dredging to protect wildlife by filtering out water pollutants, as well as ensuring an appropriate depth of water in channels and anchorages for the safe passage of boats.

To accomplish these tasks sediment dewatering bags are usually a popular choice.

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