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Burlap Squares - 80-inch x 80-inch (For Landscaping, Decor)

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  • Size: 80" x 80"
  • Material: 9 oz burlap fabric


  • The tool of choice for contractors and landscapers: great for collecting tree/grass clippings
  • Highest grade of burlap fabric: 9-ounce burlap fabric is strong and durable, so burlap squares can be used and reused.

  • Limitless uses: landscaping, home decor, even a rustic themed wedding

  • 100% biodegradable: grown naturally from jute plants, burlap squares will decompose when disposed of instead of clogging up landfills and ruining the environment.

Customer Review

How Sandbaggy Burlap Squares Helps Clean Pine Needles in Backyard 



Burlap squares are used by numerous American contractors and landscapers, ranging all the way from mom-and-pop operators to large companies.

Have mounds and mounds of tree/grass clippings to get rid of? Not an issue. The 80" x 80" burlap square will be able to carry them all. Do make sure you get enough of them though.

From landscaping to home decor, burlap squares offer limitless uses. From transplanting trees to a rustic look wedding, these burlap squares can do it.

Note: burlap does have a strong smell. If you find it irritating, make sure to place it outside for a couple days to air out.

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