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burlap sheets
Burlap square 80" x 80" folded
80" x 80 " burlap square sheets
burlap sheets used for rustic themed weddings table decorations
9 oz thick natural burlap made from jute fibers
Burlap Sheets used to cover tree roots from cold winter months
Collecting grass, leaves, and tree clippings with reusable burlap sheets.
wedding table chairs with burlap sheets cut and tied into ribbons as decorations
Protecting and covering trees with large burlap sheets
wrapping burlap fabric around a tree during the winter
Cover trees with natural burlap squares
burlap squares are great for garden cleanup
use natural burlap made of jute for root ball covers

Burlap Squares - 80" x 80" - Landscaping, Gardens, Decor

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Learn More: Sandbaggy Burlap Sheet Squares

Perfect for all your landscaping needs! Sandbaggy large burlap sheets can be used for grass seeding on your lawn or as a weed barrier in your garden. You can also use them to protect trees and shrubs from cold weather, or for commercial applications like transporting grass and tree clippings from the job site.

These natural burlap squares are reusable, 100% biodegradable, and eco friendly. Plus they are tough! Made with a 9 oz burlap fabric, they're 30% thicker than other burlap fabrics sold on the market (usually 7 oz). Learn more below!


  • Size: 80" x 80"
    Heavy Duty Burlap Squares Specifications
  • Material: 9 oz natural burlap fabric (100% Jute)
    Super thick burlap fabric


  • The tool of choice for contractors and landscapers: Burlap sheets are great for collecting tree and grass clippings.
  • Highest grade of burlap fabric: 9-ounce burlap fabric is strong and durable, so you can use and reuse these burlap squares.
  • GardeningBurlap landscape fabric is commonly used for gardening applications. Use these burlap sheets for grass seeding on your lawns, as a weed barrier, or for germinating seed beds in your garden.
    reusable burlap sheets for landscaping

  • Limitless uses: landscaping, home decor, even a rustic themed wedding
    burlap ribbon decorations

  • 100% biodegradable: Grown naturally from jute plants, burlap squares will decompose when disposed of instead of clogging up landfills and ruining the environment. Jute fabric is an eco-friendly alternative to plastics.
  • Wholesale: Save big on our 80"x 80" burlap square sheets when you buy in bulk! Get them as low as $4.80 per square.

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How Sandbaggy Burlap Squares Helps Clean Pine Needles in Backyard 



Burlap squares are used by numerous American contractors and landscapers, ranging all the way from mom-and-pop operators to large companies.

Have mounds and mounds of tree/grass clippings to get rid of? Not an issue. The 80" x 80" burlap square will be able to carry them all. Do make sure you get enough of them though.

burlap for gardening

From landscaping to home decor, burlap squares offer limitless uses. From transplanting trees to a rustic look wedding, these burlap squares can do it.

rustic themed events with burlap fabric

Note: burlap does have a strong smell. If you find it irritating, make sure to place it outside for a couple days to air out.


Does burlap smell when wet?

No, when burlap is wet, there is not much smell.

How quickly does burlap rot?

If left under direct sunlight, burlap fabric will last a couple of months to six months before biodegrading and becoming a part of the natural environment again. If they are not left under direct sunlight, they should last 8 months to a year. Because burlap biodegrades it's perfect for gardening and lawn applications, because when it degrades it acts as a soil fertilizer.

Does burlap let water through?

Natural burlap, which is made from jute plants, is permeable allowing water through.

Will weeds grow through burlap?

Burlap is a great weed barrier, but cannot stop 100% of weeds from growing through it. That's because burlap has openings in the fabric, which allow the plants under it to breathe. This makes burlap great for applications such as protecting trees and shrubs from harsh weather conditions or for germinating seeds on your lawn. If you are looking to prevent weeds from growing at all we recommend using a plastic landscape fabric.

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