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Black Poly Tarp Made in the USA
Black Poly Tarp specs
USA made Black Poly Tarp
Black Poly Tarp For Roof Repairs
Black Poly Tarp Cover Outdoor Equipment
Black Poly Tarp Gardening and Landscaping
Black Roofing Tarp
Black Poly Tarp Plant Covers
Black Poly Tarp Pallet Covers
Black Poly Tarp Erosion Control
black poly tarp for roof
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black poly tarp covers for construction sites
black polyethylene tarps covers
black landscaping poly tarps for hillside erosion control
Black Poly Tarp - Roofing, Construction, Gardening - Made In USA

Black Poly Tarp - Roofing, Construction, Gardening - Made In USA

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All-American Tarp: Protects Your Projects from Roof to Garden (and Everything In Between!)

Protect your materials and property from environmental factors with our durable Black Poly Tarp, proudly made in the USA. Available in a 6 or 10 mil thickness for customized strength, these tarps arrive in an easy to use roll. Whether you're creating temporary shelters, protecting outdoor equipment, or even shielding a roof, our UV-protected and waterproof tarp offers dependable coverage.

Sandbaggy polyethylene tarps meet ASTM D4397 standards, making them dependable for construction, industrial, and agricultural use. Additionally, it is 100% recyclable after use, providing an eco-friendly option. Arrives in a roll for easy dispensing / installation.


  • Country Of Origin: USA
  • Material: Woven Polyethylene
    • ASTM D4397: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness
    • 6 Mil
    • 10 Mil
  • Lifespan: UV Inhibitor 200 UV hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Uses
    • Roofing
    • Construction
    • Landscaping / Gardening
    • Outdoor Equipment Covers


  • American-Made Durability: This high-quality tarp is proudly made in the USA and designed to withstand the rigors of any project. Its materials meet ASTM D4397 standards, providing durability and reliability for all types of construction, industrial, and agricultural uses. 
  • 200-Hour UV Protection & Waterproofing: A nice weatherproof tarp, this tarp boasts an impressive 200 hours of UV protection, safeguarding your equipment and materials from sun damage. It is also completely waterproof, providing protection from rain, snow, and wind.
  • Rip-Resistant Strength: Won't tear even in a windstorm or a hurricane! Made from industrial grade polyehtylene, use it for any outdoor project without fear of damage from harsh weather conditions.
  • Perfect For Roof Repairs: Offers a dependable and efficient solution for covering your roof temporarily while undergoing repairs. With its waterproof design, it effectively diverts rain and snow, safeguarding your valuable possessions from water damage until a permanent solution can be executed.
  • Construction Site Essential: Maximize your construction project's productivity with this adaptable tarp. Shield building materials, create interim barriers, or utilize it as a safeguarding ground sheet. The tarp's robustness guarantees it can endure the challenges of rigorous construction settings.
  • Gardening & Landscaping Made Easy: Create greenhouse covers, use it to shield delicate plants during harsh weather, install it as a weed barrier, or even help control hillside erosion, this tarp is a valuable asset for any gardener or landscaper.
  • ZERO Plastic Smell + Won't Fray When Cut: Just use a pair of scissors to cut


Poly Tarps vs. Vinyl Tarps

Poly Tarp: Affordable, lightweight, and tear-resistant. Ideal for temporary use and protecting against rain and wind. Not suitable for prolonged sun exposure, as it may degrade over time.

Vinyl Tarp: Generally more expensive and heavier than poly tarps.

Canvas Tarp vs. Poly Tarp

Canvas Tarp: Natural, heavy-duty, and fire-resistant. Highly durable and can last for years, but also more expensive than poly tarps. Requires maintenance like waterproofing treatment.

Poly Tarp: More affordable, lightweight, and waterproof, but not as fire-resistant or durable as canvas tarps.

Is a polyethylene tarp waterproof?

Yes, polyethylene tarps are considered to be waterproof. Due to its non-polar molecular structure, polyethylene has an inherent lack of bonding with water, making it extremely resistant to water absorption since water is a polar molecule.

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