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6 oz woven geotextile fabric
heavy duty woven geotextile lasts more than 50 years
6 oz woven geotextile fabric for road construction
woven geotextile fabric for soil stabilization, road construction, paver underlayment
6 oz thick woven geotextile fabric gravel road underlayment
Extra Thick Weed Barrier - 365 day weed free warranty
6 oz woven geotextile for desert environments
rip rap underlayment fabric
woven geotextile road fabric
Parking Lot Stabilization with 6 ft Woven Geotextile
NTPEP and AASHTO Approved Woven Geotextile Fabric
install geotextile fabric with landscape staples
class 1 woven geotextile fabric for driveway construction
6 ft wide x 100 ft long woven geotextile fabric
UV stabilized woven geotextile fabric rolls
6 oz Woven Geotextile Fabric Roll Specs
woven geotextile weed barrier

Woven Geotextile Landscape Fabric (6 oz) for Soil Stabilization / Separation - Underlayment for Driveway, Pavers, Gravel Roads, Retaining Walls

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2x Thicker Than Standard Fabrics! Superior Strength for Projects

Elevate your construction projects with our extra heavy duty 6 oz Woven Geotextile Fabric, meticulously designed for unbeatable durability and stability. This geotextile is 2x thicker compared to conventional woven landsacpe fabrics (3 oz) and 50% thicker than standard woven geotextiles (4 oz), promising unmatched reinforcement for every application.

With its unparalleled strength, this class 1 geotextile fabric is a game-changer in soil stabilization for roads, driveways, retaining walls, and erosion control. Its reinforced thickness acts as an unwavering shield, distributing loads evenly while combating settling and erosion, even in high-water-flow regions.

Our woven geotextile is made to last, when buried under at least 3 in. of gravel, mulch, etc this fabric has a lifespan of more than 50+ years! It’s UV stabilized for extended life under the sun, & has a 365 Weed Free Guarantee Warranty (details below). Learn more below.


  • Class 1 Woven Geotextile
  • NTPEP Approved
  • AASHTO - Meets or exceeds specs for AASHTO M288-17 Class 3WSP
  • Material: Woven Polypropylene
  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 6 oz
  • Size(s)
    • 6 ft x 50 ft (300 sqr ft)
    • 6 ft x 100 ft (600 sqr ft)
    • 6 ft x 150 ft (900 sqr ft)

Grab Tensile Strength

350 x 350 lbs

1,558 x 1,558 N

Elongation @ Break

20 x 15 %

20 x 15 %

CBR Puncture

885 lbs

3,938 N

Trapezoidal Tear

110 x 95 lbs

490 x 423 N

Apparent Opening Size (1,2)

30 - 40 US Sieve

0.4 - 0.595 mm


1.5 Sec⁻¹

1.5 Sec⁻¹

Water Flow Rate(1)



Percent Open Area


3 %

3 %

UV Resistance @ 500 Hours

80 %

80 %


  • No More Bumpy or Unstable Roads & Driveways! Transform your projects with our extra thick woven geotextile for driveways & roads, providing robust reinforcement that distributes loads evenly, curbing settling, and safeguarding against erosion, ensuring a smooth and enduring surface.
  • 2x Thicker Than Standard Woven Fabrics! Great for extremely heavy duty applications, our 6 oz woven geotextile is 2x thicker than standard 3 oz woven landscape fabrics and 50% thicker than other 4 oz woven geotextile fabrics. It’s rated for 350 lbs of tensile strength!
  • Can Support The Weight Of A 20 Ton Truck! This Sandbaggy fabric is built tough enough for vehicles to drive directly over it, even a 20 ton truck Just add a couple of inches of gravel on top of the fabric and it's ready to be driven over!
  • 50+ Year Fabric: The fabric is engineered to last 50+ yrs (*depends on site conditions) if buried properly with at least 3 inches of gravel or mulch. However, if the fabric is exposed to the Sun, the lifespan drops as low as 1 year.
  • UV Stabilized: Great for desert environments! Industry leading UV inhibitors are added to the fabric for prolonged life under the Sun.
  • Stabilizes & Separates Your Soil: Creates an effective separation barrier between the subgrade and aggregate preventing the mixing of materials, thus stabilizing your soil! Ideal for both paved and unpaved roadways, as well as for other projects like retaining walls. Install it under mulch, gravel, or any other kind of aggregate.
  • 365 Weed Free Guarantee Warranty: Included with your purchase! If any weeds grow through the fabric up to 1 year from the date of purchase, we will give you another roll of fabric for FREE! (*If weeds grow on top of the fabric or if weeds grow through where landscape staples are installed (holes where staples are installed) or if weeds grow at the edge of the fabric, this warranty is void.)


Road, Driveway, & Parking Lot Construction

Sandbaggy woven fabric is great for stabilizing roads! Making sure your road avoids lumps and bumps.

road fabric

Weed Barrier

Keep your driveway looking sharp and beautiful! This is a great weed control fabric for driveways, since weeds will be unable to grow through the tightly woven polypropylene material.

driveway fabric

Rip Rap Underlayment

Woven geotextile fabric is ideal for rip rap applications due to its key properties. It effectively separates different materials, ensuring the stability and proper distribution of rip rap stones. The fabric's filtration capabilities prevent the loss of underlying soils while providing reinforcement and durability to the structure, leading to enhanced long-term performance.

woven geotextile for rip rap underlayment

Retaining Walls

Utilize the strength of woven geotextiles to fortify your retaining walls. These durable fabrics stabilize soil, prevent erosion, and provide lasting support, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your retaining wall structures.

More Uses!

  • Under Decks
  • Shed Foundation
  • Erosion Control
    • Embankments
    • Slopes
  • Ponds and Lakes
  • Landfills

Fabric Lifespan - 50+ Years

As long as the fabric is buried with at least 3 inches of gravel, mulch, or under roads, and is away from any UV sun exposure, this fabric can last 50+ years.

Long Lasting Woven Geotextile Fabrics

In the Press

Sandbaggy has been written up by Fox, Daily Herald, MarketWatch and other news outlets for leading the industry

gravel underlayment

Customer Videos

Using Sandbaggy Woven Geotextile Under Gravel For A New Storage Building!

Steve installed our woven geotextile fabric under gravel to stabilize the ground for his new storage building project. The fabric prevents the gravel from sinking into the mud (subgrade), thus will help ensure his new building stays in place.

Backyard Landscaping Projects!

See our woven geotextile fabric in action! Homestead How used our fabric under gravel for their backyard project.

Underlayment For Their Driveway

Use our fabric as driveway underlayment to prevent lumps and bumps from forming in your driveway.

driveway underlayment


What is woven geotextile fabric used for?

Woven geotextile fabric is used for various civil engineering and construction applications. It provides stabilization and reinforcement for soil, prevents erosion, separates different layers of materials, and enhances drainage. Common uses include roads, driveways, retaining walls, embankments, and erosion control projects.

Does water pass through woven geotextile?

Though water can pass through woven geotextile fabric, non woven geotextiles are much more permeable, thus much better for drainage applications.

Is geotextile the same as landscape fabric?

While both geotextile and landscape fabric share similarities, they serve different purposes. Geotextile is engineered to provide reinforcement, separation, and drainage in construction and civil engineering projects. Landscape fabric, on the other hand, is primarily designed for weed control and moisture retention in gardening and landscaping applications.

Woven vs non-woven geotextile?

The difference between woven and non-woven geotextile fabric is their permeability. Non-woven geotextiles allow water to pass through, while woven geotextiles do not.

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