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automatic baling wire
black annealed baling wire 1300 ft roll
11 gauge baling wire
lightly oiled baling wire
1300 ft roll of steel baling wire for Construction, agriculture, recycling
50 lb cardboard box of steel baling wire
black annealed 11 gauge steel baling wire

Automatic Baling Wire (2600 ft Roll) - 11 Gauge Black Annealed Steel - Made in the USA

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For All Your Baling Needs - Recycling, Agriculture, Construction, & More!

Sandbaggy Automatic Baling Wire is the perfect solution for your baling needs. We've designed our baling wire for heavy-duty applications like construction, as well as for recycling, agriculture, and packaging. Our wire is made with 11-gauge steel, which is thicker than your typical 12 or 14 gauge wire. Additionally, the black annealed finish increases the ductility, malleability, and flexibility of the wire making it easier to use for a variety of different applications.

Our steel baling wire is specifically designed for use with automatic baling machines. It's lightly oiled and the black annealed finish ensures that the wire feeds smoothly and consistently into the machine, reducing the risk of jams or other malfunctions. Our wire is made right here in the USA, and you can save when you order rolls of baling wire in bulk, with prices as low as $0.08 per foot of wire.


  • Material: Steel
    • 11 Gauge
    • Black Annealed
    • Lightly Oiled
  • Size: 2600 ft per roll
  • Weight: 100 lb Box
  • Load Strength: 735-883 lbs
  • Tensile Strength: 65,000-78,000 PSI
  • Elongation: 25% Min
  • Packaging: Box
  • Industries:
    • Construction
    • agriculture
    • recycling


  • Durable and Strong: Our 11 gauge baling wire is approximately 50% thicker than commonly used 14 gauge wire. This ensures that the wire is strong enough to securely bale materials such as metals, plastics, and cardboard.
  • Bend & Twist Without Breaking! Annealing improves the ductility, malleability, and flexibility of baling wire. This makes it easier to handle and manipulate without breaking. You can use black annealed baling wire for a variety of applications.
  • Smooth & Efficient Feeding: Lightly oiled and annealed for a smooth finish, Sandbaggy baling wire is designed specifically for use with automatic baling machines. The wire feeds smoothly and consistently, reducing the risk of jams or other malfunctions.
  • Versatile: Great option for a range of industries: recycling, agriculture, construction, and packaging.
  • 2600 ft of Wire: Each box is 100 lbs and has a roll of 2600 ft of wire
  • Made in the USA: Our wire is made in the USA, ensuring high quality and consistency. Support American jobs, American infrastructure and American FAMILIES!


What is baling wire used for?

Baling wire is commonly used for tying and binding materials such as hay, straw, cardboard, paper, and plastics into compact bundles or bales for easier transport and storage. It is also used in construction, recycling, agriculture, and packaging industries.

Why is it called baling wire?

It’s called baling wire because it is primarily used for binding agricultural products like bales of hay and straw to make them easier to transport. It has become a general term for all types of wire used for baling and binding.

What gauge is baling wire for hay?

12.5 gauge wire is the most common baling wire thickness for hay, you can use a thicker 11 gauge wire if you need a more heavy duty choice.

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