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Galvanized Steel Snap Tie Wedges
snap tie wedges for sale
Snap Tie Wedges For Sale
heavy duty galvanized steel snap tie wedges
snap tie wedge with snap ties
snap tie wedges and jahn a brackets
snap tie wedges for concrete formwork systems
snap tie wedges compatilbe with standard, heavy duty, short end, long end snap ties
2 3/8 inches wide Snap Tie Wedges for Concrete Formwork
rust resistant snap tie wedges are heavy duty
snap tie wedges compatible with Standard or Heavy-Duty Snap Ties
11 Gauge Steel Snap Tie Wedges - 6 1/8 inches long
concrete wedges for Short and Long End Snap Ties

Galvanized Steel Snap Tie Wedges for Concrete (2 ⅜" x 6 ⅛")

  • $6.00
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Unyielding Strength for Concrete Formwork

Elevate your concrete formwork with Sandbaggy Concrete Snap Tie Wedges. Our galvanized steel wedges deliver unbeatable performance and versatility. The galvanized coating provides a protective layer that ensures outstanding corrosion resistance, making our concrete wedges exceptionally durable even in challenging construction environments.

Additionally, they are more than 2 times heavier than many other options on the market, offering unparalleled strength and stability. The added weight provides a solid and secure grip, ensuring that the formwork remains securely in place during the pouring and curing of concrete.

Compatible with a variety of snap ties (see below), these 2 ⅜" wide x 6 ⅛" long wedges are great for a variety of concrete formwork applications. Starting at $3 each and as low as $0.96 each, our snap tie wedges provide outstanding affordability without compromising on quality. Learn more below!

Sandbaggy carries a variety of concrete forming supplies.


  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Thickness: 11 Gauge Steel
  • Load Capacity: 3,250 lbs.
  • Weight: 0.45 lbs/pc
  • Size: 2 3/8” Width x 6 1/8" Length (2.375" x 6.125")
  • Compatible With
    • Standard Snap Ties
    • Heavy Duty Snap Ties
    • Short End Snap Ties
    • Long End Snap Ties
    • Double 2" x 4" Horizontal Walers
    • Double 2" x 4" Vertical Strong Backs


  • As Low as $0.96 each! Our snap tie wedges offer exceptional value, with prices as low as $0.96 each when you buy in bulk. You can save on costs without compromising on the quality and reliability of the product, it’s a cost-effective choice for your construction needs.
  • Rust Resistant (Galvanized): Our steel snap tie wedges are galvanized, providing an extra layer for excellent corrosion resistance. The galvanized coating ensures durability and longevity, allowing the wedges to withstand challenging environments and maintain their performance over time.
  • Heavy Duty 11 Gauge Steel: Made from thick 11 gauge steel, our snap tie wedges offer great strength and durability. Each tie weighs 0.45 lbs, more than 2x heavier than other wedges on the market. This ensures that the wedges can handle the demands of construction projects, providing reliable and secure connections.
  • Use With Standard or Heavy-Duty Snap Ties to provide ample bearing area for proper load distribution into the wales. This compatibility allows for versatile usage, accommodating various construction requirements and providing flexibility in your formwork applications.
  • Use With Short and Long End Snap Ties on Stick Built Forms to ensure that the wedges can be used in various formwork configurations, providing convenience and flexibility for your construction projects.
  • Used With Double 2" x 4" Horizontal Walers and Double 2" x 4" Vertical Strong Backs: This compatibility ensures proper integration with these components, enhancing the overall stability and strength of your formwork system.
  • Can Be Applied Directly To Plywood when using stubby snap ties with 1-1/4" or 1-5/8" wedges. This feature simplifies the formwork installation process, allowing for efficient attachment and a secure connection.


What is a snap tie wedge?

A snap tie wedge is a crucial component used in concrete construction to secure and align formwork. It plays a pivotal role in firmly holding the formwork together during the concrete pouring process.

How much pressure can a snap tie hold?

Snap tie wedges are designed to withstand significant pressure exerted by the concrete during pouring and curing. They provide a reliable and robust grip, ensuring the stability of the formwork under high-pressure conditions.

What is the recommended spacing for snap ties?

The recommended spacing for snap ties depends on various factors such as the concrete mix, formwork dimensions, and structural requirements. It is essential to consult engineering guidelines or relevant standards to determine the appropriate spacing for snap ties in your specific construction project.

What is a snap tie used for?

Snap ties, along with their corresponding wedges, are used to secure and align the formwork in concrete construction. They ensure that the formwork remains in place until the concrete sets, providing the necessary support and structure for the poured concrete. This helps in achieving the desired shape, strength, and integrity of the final concrete structure.

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