Double Loop Rebar Wire Ties - 16 Gauge Steel (4 Sizes Available) – Sandbaggy
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Double Loop Rebar Wire Ties - 4 Sizes Available: 3", 6", 12" or 18 Inch - 16 Gauge Steel

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Length (Gauge)

6-inch (9 gauge)

8-inch (8 gauge galvanized) - 90% markup

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Secure Anything With Double Loop Wire Bar Ties

Sandbaggy double loop ties are useful for so many applications! They are the perfect rebar wire ties and can also be used to secure temporary fences into posts, closing bags, and tubular products such as wattles.

They're super easy to use, just get a wire tying tool and pull and they're ready to go. The 16 gauge steel wire is both durable and flexible. Available in 4 sizes (3 - 18 inch)


  • sizes: 4 sizes available
    • 3 inch
    • 6 Inch
    • 12 Inch
    • 18 Inch
  • Material: 16 Gauge Steel
  • Style: Double Looped
  • Packaging: 1000 Wire Ties Bundle


  • DURABLE INDUSTRIAL GRADE WIRE - Made of Industrial Grade 16 Gauge Low Carbon Wire. This steel tie wire is both flexible and strong, making them easy to twist and quick to install.
  • BEST REBAR TIES! Secure rebar with these heavy duty bar ties. They are the go to choice for contractors.
  • MANY APPLICATIONS - Multiple sizes available. Great for securing rebar, sandbags, tubular rolls and much more!
  • EASY TO USE - All you need is a Wire Tie Twister & you can start using these Sandbaggy Double Loop Wire Ties immediately.
  • DOUBLE LOOP: The double loop allows for fast and easy installation. Just use our rebar twister and pull, and you're rebar, fences, etc will be tightly secured!
  • PACKAGED WELL - We package each bundle with 1000 Wire Ties. Simply unroll and start using!
  • GREAT FOR SECURING FENCING - Whether you have an animal fence or a T-Post Fence, using Sandbaggy Wire Ties makes securing the fence to the posts substantially quicker & easier.


Does rebar need to be tied?

Rebar needs to be tied so it stays in place when the concrete is poured in.

How often does rebar need to be tied?

We recommend tying rebar to every intersection or every other intersection. To be safe, we recommend checking with your site engineer

What are loop ties?

Loop ties are wire ties with loops at each end. The loops make the wire ties easy to install. All that's needed is a wire tying tool and you are all set.

Does rebar tie wire rust?

Rebar tie wire will rust unless it’s galvanized or has something else preventing it from rusting. When used in concrete, rust is not an issue.

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