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automatic rebar wire tie tool
lightweight 12.5 inch automatic rebar tie wire twister
best automatic wire tie tool for fast rebar installation
automatic wire twisters for rebar
automatic wire twister tool with loop end for hanging
ergonomic automatic wire twister tool
rebar tie tool with hooked end made of galvanized rust resistant steel
tie wire for concrete rebar applications
tie rebar for construction projects with tie wire tool
twisting tie wire with automatic tool to seal bags

Sandbaggy Automatic Rebar Wire Tie Twister Tool | Ties Rebar 2X Faster Than Manual Tool

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A Smoother & Faster Way To Tie Rebar Wire!

Save time and energy with Sandbaggy Automatic Rebar Tie Wire Twister Tool! Instead of cranking or twirling those manual wire twisting tools, just attach these to your rebar wire, give them a pull, and you’re done.

This Wire Tie Tool not only surpasses traditional hand-cranked tools but also boasts 2x more revolutions per pull, a remarkable speed advantage over many competitor's automatic tools. With its lightweight construction, ergonomic handle, and built-in end hook, this tool will stand up to all-day use, tying thousands of tie wires. It's the perfect rebar tying tool, learn more below!


  • Length: 12.5 inch
  • Width: 1.25 inch
  • Diameter (Hook): 3/16 inch
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Material (Handle):
  • Material (Hooks): Galvanized Steel (Rust Resistant)
  • Revolutions Per Pull: 8
  • Wire Gauge: 12-25 Gauge


  • WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER - Sandbaggy Automatic Wire Twister Tool is the ultimate productivity tool! Double your productivity instantly with this tool! Saves labor and energy compared with traditional hand cranked manual tools.
  • TIES REBAR 2X FASTER THAN THE COMPETITION! With 8 revolutions per pull, Sandbaggy Wire Tie Tool is 2x faster than competitors tools, which tie rebar at 4 revolutions per pull.
  • MADE FROM INDUSTRIAL GRADE COMPONENTS - Built from industrial grade galvanized steel to prevent rust, Sandbaggy Wire Tie Tool is heavy duty and engineered for extended life.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighing only 12 oz, you can carry this wire twisting tool all day without feeling fatigue! At 12.5 inches long and 1 1/4 inch wide, this compact tool is a must-have for contractors!
  • BUILT-IN END HOOK - Easy to hang this tool on your tool shelf!
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE - This comfortable handle is built for all day use!
  • GREAT FOR MANY APPLICATIONS: Great for any application that involves wire ties: rebar, fences, DIY projects, sealing bags, etc.


What tool is used to tie wires?

A wire tie tool, also known as a rebar tie wire tool or tie wire twister, is specifically designed to secure wires, often used in construction for tasks like fastening rebar together, securing fencing, and bundling items. It simplifies the process by twisting the wire tightly, creating a strong and reliable connection.

How do you use an automatic rebar tie wire tool?

Using a rebar tie wire tool is straightforward. First, insert the wire around the items you want to secure. Then, insert the hooked end of the tool into the loop of the wire. Hold the tool securely, and with a simple pull or squeeze, it will twist the wire, securing the items tightly. The tool's mechanism simplifies this process, saving time and effort compared to manual twisting.

What is the best way to tie wire?

The best way to tie wire, especially in construction and similar applications, is to use a specialized wire tie tool. These tools provide consistent tension and secure connections, ensuring the wires hold firmly over time. They are designed to prevent wire slippage and create strong, reliable bonds, making them the preferred choice for professionals.

What is a tie wire twister used for?

A tie wire twister, also known as an automatic rebar wire twister tool, is a versatile tool used in various applications, primarily in construction and related fields. Some of its key uses include:

  • Rebar Fastening: The primary application is securing rebar together in construction projects such as concrete foundations, columns, and beams. The tie wire twister ensures strong and consistent connections, enhancing the structural integrity of the concrete framework.
  • Masonry Work: In masonry projects, tie wire twisters are used to fasten wire mesh to steel frames for reinforcing plaster and stucco applications. This ensures a secure bond between the mesh and the frame.
  • Fencing and Landscaping: Tie wire twisters are employed to secure fencing wires and mesh in place, providing stability and durability to fences and landscaping structures.
  • Packaging and Bundling: These tools find use in bundling and securing items together, such as packages, cables, and wires, in industries ranging from shipping to electrical work.
  • Artistic and Craft Projects: In creative fields, tie wire twisters can be used to twist wires for sculptural or artistic purposes, offering precision and control in wire manipulation.
  • DIY Projects: Home improvement enthusiasts can use tie wire twisters for various tasks, such as creating trellises, securing wiring, and crafting projects.

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