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aluminum tie wire reel
aluminum tie wire reel 400 ft wire roll capacity
aluminum tie wire holder dispenses 12 - 20 gauge wire
metal tie wire holder with built in belt loops
two piece tie wire reel holder
metal tie wire reel holder
aluminum tie wire dispenser with rewind knob
rust resistant metal tie wire holder
heavy duty rebar tie wire holder for smooth feeding

Aluminum Rebar Tie Wire Reel - Holds up to 400 ft of 12-20 Gauge Wire

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Heavy Duty Rebar Tying Tool

Maximize your rebar tying efficiency with our Aluminum Rebar Tie Wire Reels. Specifically designed for heavy duty use, these reels ensure that your tie wire is always within reach, allowing you to effortlessly grab a piece of wire with remarkable speed.

Aluminum reels are advantageous for heavy duty applications, as opposed to more lightweight plastic alternatives. They are ideal in industrial settings like construction sites, since aluminum is stronger and more resistant to heat, moisture, & UV radiation than plastic. Sandbaggy Aluminum Tie Wire Reels fits any standard belt, and are available as low as $21 each. Learn more below.

If you are looking for a more lightweight and ergonomic option, we have plastic rebar tie wire reels available. Sandbaggy carries a variety of concrete forming supplies.


  • Size: 6 inch x 3 inch
  • Belt Loops: ¼" x 2 ¼"
  • Weight: 1.75 lbs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Gray
  • Belt Size (compatible with): Up to 2 inch Wide
  • Capacity: 400 ft of wire
  • Rebar Wire Size: 12 - 20 gauge wire
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous


  • Superior Strength & Durability: Our Aluminum rebar tie wire reels are constructed using high-grade aluminum, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. They can withstand heavy tension and pressure, providing reliable support for concrete reinforcement projects.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion, making our reels ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, and environmental elements, ensuring long-lasting performance in various construction environments.
  • Heat Resistant: Our Aluminum rebar tie wire reels excel in high-temperature environments, ensuring reliable performance and durability even in challenging heat-intensive applications.
  • Built-In Belt Loops: Compatible with belt sizes up to 2 inches wide (Belt loop dimensions are ¼" x 2 ¼") to provide convenient and secure attachment, keeping them easily accessible and hands-free while you work.
  • Holds Up to 400 ft of 12-20 Gauge Wire
  • Rewind Knob: Manually rewinds or retracts the wire back into the reel for neat and secure storage.
  • Ambidextrous: Designed for left or right-hand use.


What is a tie wire reel used for?

A tie wire reel is used to hold and dispense tie wire, keeping it close, handy, and organized. Tie wire is commonly used in construction and other industries for securing and tying materials together, such as rebar, fencing, posts, etc.

Aluminum vs Plastic Rebar Tie Wire Reels

Choosing between plastic and aluminum reels will depend on the project. For more heavy duty jobs, where the tie wire reel will be more likely to break or is exposed to extreme conditions, opt for aluminum. For jobs where these factors aren’t present, opt for plastic, since it’s much more lightweight and a more economical choice. Aluminum is much stronger than plastic, the one advantage plastic does have in terms of longevity is it does not corrode like aluminum.

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