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turtle fencing
3 ft wide by 100 ft long tortoise fencing
14 Gauge Galvanized tortoise fence with mesh size 1" x 2"
Tortoise Fencing DOT Grade
rust resistant temporary fencing for turtles and tortoises protection
wire mesh wildlife exclusion fencing
desert tortoise fence

Turtle & Tortoise Fence - Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Fencing (3 ft by 100 feet)

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Protect Turtles & Tortoises During Construction With Wildlife Fencing

Sandbaggy Turtle Fence is a type of metal mesh wildlife exclusion fencing. It protects endangered turtle and tortoise species, creating a barrier to prevent them from entering construction sites and roads. Our turtle & tortoise fencing roll is made of extra thick 14 gauge steel, and is galvanized to prevent it from rusting. It is manufactured to exceed DOT requirements for your construction job sites, where turtle & tortoise fencing may be required (dependent on your location).

This product can be used to install a Desert Tortoise Fence, Sandbaggy fencing meets many requirements and guidelines set by the DOT and Bureau of Land Management.

Please note: specific regulations and requirements may vary by location, please consult with local wildlife agencies or the Bureau of Land Management first.


  • Fence Types:
    • Temporary Fencing
    • Removable Fencing
    • Semi-Permanent & Permanent
    • Wildlife Exclusion
  • Product Height: 3 ft (36")
  • Roll Length: 100 ft long
    3 ft x 100 ft turtle fencing roll

  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Material: galvanized 14 gauge wire (Rust Resistant)
  • Mesh Size: 1" x 2
    14 Gauge Galvanized Turtle Fence with mesh size 1" x 2"


  • Tortoise Fence For Construction Sites: Sandbaggy's Tortoise Fence is built to keep tortoises within an enclosed area. This temporary fencing is supported by T-Posts, Tortoise Fencing is required for many construction sites as tortoises are an endangered species.
  • Wildlife Exclusion Fencing For Roads: Prevent turtles and tortoises from crossing and accessing roads, which further puts their lives at risk
    wildlife exclusion fencing for tortoises
  • Tough 14 gauge wire: Made to be a tough 14 gauge wire, Sandbaggy's Tortoise Fence is built to last. Welded with a 1 inch by 2 inch wide opening, Sandbaggy's Tortoise Fence exceeds most Department of Transportation requirements for a tortoise fence
    DOT Grade Tortoise Fence for Construction
  • Galvanized after weld (Rust Resistant): Steel wire is galvanized to prevent rust from forming and increases the longevity of the fence. We take it a step further. We galvanize the welding around the joints of the wire to further extend the life of the wire.


Got a job that has endangered tortoises or turtles? Look no further. Sandbaggy's Tortoise Fencing will get the job done! Manufactured to exceed DOT requirements for tortoise fence mesh, you can rest assured that this fence will be approved by your inspector.

Roll of wire mesh fencing for tortoises and turtles


Can a desert tortoise dig under a fence?

Yes, desert tortoises can dig under a fence. It's important to install your fence at least 6" into the ground, some sites may require 12".

Why is desert tortoise fencing necessary during construction?

Desert tortoise fencing is a necessary legal requirement during construction in certain areas. Its purpose is to protect the endangered tortoises and their habitats from the impacts of construction activities. It’s also used along highways and roads and in solar fields.

What type of fencing is recommended for desert tortoise exclusion?

Guidelines for desert tortoise exclusion fences will vary depending on location, some general guidelines are:

  • heavy-gauge, non-rusting metal mesh, such as welded wire mesh or chain-link fencing.
  • the fence should be a minimum of 2 feet high and buried at least 6 inches into the ground to prevent tortoises from burrowing underneath.

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