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wire backed silt fence
4 ft wide wire backed silt fence for erosion control
100 ft roll of wire back silt fence
woven polypropylene wire back silt fence roll
UV Stabilized Black Wire Back Silt Fence For Construction Sites
DOT Grade Silt Fence Reinforced With Metal Wire Mesh
reinforced silt fence
Black Silt Fence Specifications
14 Gauge Galvanized Wire Mesh For Silt Fence
Orange Wire Back Silt Fence
100 ft long Orange Wire Back Silt Fence Rolls
pre attached wire mesh to silt fence
Orange Wire Back Silt Fence for Erosion Control

Wire Back Silt Fence (100% DOT compliant)

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Reinforced Silt Fence For Erosion Control!

Sandbaggy Wire Backed Silt Fence is great for controlling erosion on construction sites, agricultural areas, or any other area where sediment runoff is an issue. Also known as a reinforced silt fence, the wire backing on these types of silt fences provide more stability to the fence making it less likely to collapse or fail. Use wire back silt fences in areas with high flow rates, steep slopes, and windy conditions. They are a more long term alternative to regular silt fences.

Our wire backed silt fences are available in black and orange, come in a 4 ft x 100 ft roll, and are DOT compliant. We sell them at wholesale prices as low as $81 per roll.


  • Colors:
    • Orange
    • Black
  • Material: Woven Polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 4 ft x 100 ft Roll
    • Roll Length: 100 ft Length
    • Fabric Width: 4 ft
  • Welded Wire Width: 3 ft
  • Wire Mesh Opening: 2 inch by 4 inch
  • UV Stabilized
  • DOT Compliant
  • Gauge: 14 Gauge
  • Rust Resistant: Electro Galvanized

wire back silt fence with  2" x 4" openings


  • Meets or exceeds DOT Specs: Our Wire Back Silt Fence meets or exceeds DOT specifications for silt fencing. Wire backed silt fences are required on the toughest job sites, where standard silt fences are not sufficient to prevent silt from leaving your site and entering nearby stormwater drainage systems.
  • Lasts 1-2 Years (Depending on Site Conditions)
  • Added Wire Mesh For A More Stable Fence: Sandbaggy rolls provide 50% more wire mesh than our competitors! That’s because our wire mesh openings are 2" x 4", while our competitor's is 4" x 4". The more wire mesh, the less likely your fence will collapse.wire back silt fence for steep slopes
  • Galvanized 14 gauge wire (Rust Proof): Using electro-galvanized 14-gauge wire, Sandbaggy Wire Back Silt Fence is built to last for 1-2 yrs on a job site.
  • Pre-attached fabric: Silt Fence Fabric is pre-attached to the wire mesh prior to shipping. Once you receive the roll(s), you just unroll and trench fabric into ground.wire back silt fence fabric roll
  • UV stabilized fabric: Sandbaggy Fabric is UV Stabilized to allow for extended use on construction sites.
  • Compatible with Silt Fence Installer Machines: Engineered for easy installation with silt fence installer machines, such as Blue Diamond Silt Fence Installer Attachment.
  • Heavy Duty Use - Reinforced Silt Fences have more stability than regular silt fences. Use these silt fences for erosion control on:
    • Construction Sites
    • Steep Slopes
    • High Flow Areas
    • Windy Areas

UV Stabilized Wire Back Silt Fence made of tough woven polypropylene


How do you install a wire backed silt fence?

Here are the general steps to install a wire-backed silt fence:

  1. Determine the length of your silt fence and choose locations for your fence posts.
  2. Insert your fence posts into the ground, make sure they are secure and upright. We recommend using 5 ft T-posts.
  3. Unroll the wire-backed silt fence and attach it to the posts, using wire ties or clips.
  4. Ensure your fence is taut and properly aligned, if you need to further secure it use additional wire ties or clips.
  5. Install stakes along the top of the fence to keep it upright and prevent it from sagging.
  6. Lastly, you need to close off the bottom of your silt fence to prevent erosion and ensure proper drainage. A great way to do this is to add gravel to the bottom of the fence.

What is the life expectancy of silt fence?

Silt fences are a temporary erosion control barrier meant to last 6-12 months. Once the fence starts to break down or become clogged with sediment, it’s effectiveness starts to be reduced.

Can water go through a silt fence?

Silt fences are made to be water permeable. They slow down water runoff, trapping the sediments in the water, while allowing water to flow through. This makes them great for filtration and drainage applications.

Why are silt fences used for erosion control?

Silt fences are used for erosion control because they are easy to install and take down, as well as an economical choice. Because they are able to filter sediments out while allowing water to pass through, they can help prevent sediment from entering nearby waterways.

Can these be installed with Silt Fence Installer Machines?

Yes, Sandbaggy Wire Back Silt Fence can be easily installed with silt fence installer machines, such as Blue Diamond Silt Fence Installer Attachment. 

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