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Chain Link Fence Wire Ties - 9 Gauge Aluminum, Hook End

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Length (Gauge)

6-inch (9 gauge)

8-inch (8 gauge galvanized) - 90% markup

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Secure Your Chain Link Fence

Sandbaggy Chain Link Fence Ties are the best way to install your chain link fence! Use them to secure your chain link fence fabric to the top rail, line posts, terminal posts, and the tension wire.

We’ve chosen to construct these metal wire ties from aluminum, making them rust proof and much easier to install than wire ties made from steel. No tools are necessary to install our aluminum chain link fence wire ties, just use your hands and you’re good to go! They even have a hook end for even faster installation.

Our chain link fence ties are heavy duty with a 9 gauge thickness (other brands are commonly thinner ranging from 11-13.5 gauge). We offer them in 3 lengths and are available at wholesale pricing as low as $0.17 per tie.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Gauge: 9 Gauge
  • Size(s)
    • 6.5" x 1"
    • 8.25" x 1"
    • 10.5" x 1"
  • Weight (lb.)
  • Rust Proof
  • Packaging: 25 ties per bag
  • Uses:
    • Top Rail
    • Tension Wire
    • Terminal posts
    • Line posts (support pole)


  • SECURES CHAIN LINK FENCE - This small but mighty aluminum piece secures chain link fence fabric to the top rail, line posts, terminal posts, and the tension wire adding stability and strength to the entire fence.
  • EASILY TWIST & BENDS WITH YOUR FINGERS - Made of industrial grade 9 gauge aluminum, this Sandbaggy product is engineered to be so easy to bend that it can easily be bent with your fingers (no tools needed). Steel ties on the other hand are less pliable.
  • NEVER RUSTS - Unlike other competitor's chain link fence ties that are made of steel that rusts within a couple of months, Sandbaggy Aluminum Ties NEVER RUST!
  • HEAVY DUTY - 9 Gauge Aluminum is a thicker more heavy duty alternative than wire ties with a lower gauge. Our competitor’s aluminum chain link fence ties come in a lower thickness (11 gauge or 13.5 gauge aluminum).
  • HOOK END - With a hook end our wire ties for chain link fences easily threads through the chain link fence fabric for faster installation.
  • CAN ALSO BE USED FOR BARBED WIRE: Use these as barbed wire ties for securing barb wire to a variety of fence posts.
  • BUY IN BULK & SAVE BIG - Buy in bulk and save even more! We even package each bundle 25 pcs/bag for easy handling!

Installation Tips

We recommend installing one wire tie every 12 inches on posts and one wire tie every 18 inches on top rail. Plus, use gloves to keep your hands clean!


How to twist chain link fence ties?

To twist a chain link fence tie:
  1. thread the tie through the fence fabric and wrap it around the top rail or post.
  2. Twist the tie until it is tight and secure with pliers or a special twisting tool, making sure you twist the tie in the same direction as the fence fabric (this will prevent it from unraveling or coming loose).

How many fence ties on chain link?

The number of fence ties you will need to install a chain link fence will depend on the height and length of the fence, the spacing of the posts, and the size of the fence fabric. A general rule of thumb is to use at least 3 fence ties per foot of fencing fabric.

Can you use zip ties on a chain link fence?

Though it is possible to use zip ties on chain link fences, it is not recommended. Zip ties are not as durable as metal chain link fence ties. They are more susceptible to wear and tear and don’t provide the same level of stability. If you choose to use zip ties, use them as a short term solution.

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