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Studded Steel T-Post - Made of Tough Rail Steel - Green, 5 ft or 6 ft (Non Southern California Delivery)
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5 ft t-post
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Studded Steel T-Post - Made of Tough Rail Steel - Green, 5 ft or 6 ft (Non Southern California Delivery)

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For Strong, Sturdy, & Reliable Fences

Don’t buy posts that bend in the wind! Sandbaggy T-posts are great for commercial and industrial applications. They’re extremely weather resistant, able to stay anchored to the ground during heavy winds and have two coats of paint to prevent rust. They’re available in both 5 ft and 6 ft lengths.

We've included Free T-Post Wire Clips with every order! These clips firmly secure fence wire or barbed wire to your T-Posts. We include a recommended 5 clips per post, meaning you can get up to 25,000 free clips with your order of T-posts. That's $1,275 worth of clips for FREE! Learn more about our T-post wire clips.

T-posts will be shipped using a pallet with an LTL (less-than-truckload) carrier and will arrive in 1-3 weeks (standard) or 1 week (expedited).

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  • Length: 5 feet (0.95 pounds / foot), 6 feet (1.33 pounds / foot)
  • Weight of each post
    • 5-ft post: 4.75 lbs
    • 6-ft post: 8 lbs
  • Palletization
    • 5-ft post: 400 posts per pallet
    • 6-ft post: 200 posts per pallet
  • Material: Rust-resistant Studded Steel
  • Color: Green

T-Post Wire Clips

  • Material: Heavy Duty Galvanized Wire
  • Rust Resistant:
  • Packaging: 25 clips per plastic zip lock bag


Used For Barb Wire

Great for use in fencing on farms, ranches, gardens, and backyards. Each post includes an anchor plate, also known as a spade, making them more sturdy and help them firmly stick into the ground without moving when the wind blows.

barb wire fence post

Used For Safety and Silt Fences

Also great for temporary uses such as safety fencing and erosion control purposes, like silt fences. Our t-posts are perfect for construction settings.

silt fence t post

Heavy Duty - Won't Bend In The Wind or Rust!

Stronger, more durable, and heavier duty than T-Posts sold at Home Depot. Made from industrial grade rail steel, these T-Posts won't bend in heavy wind. The anchor plate is welded to every T-post to minimize sideways shifting and rotational movement after installation.

All posts are painted with 2 coats of earth tone green paint to protect against the environmental elements and protecting the metal from rust.

  • Can serve as fence posts for chain-link fences
  • Posts can be driven into dirt, soil, or sand without any prior digging
heavy duty fence post


    T-posts are strong, studded fence posts made of steel, tough enough to handle the most extreme weather temperatures.

    Sturdy - Studded Steel

    Studded every couple of inches to ensure the T Post clips do not shift or move. If you are in areas of harsher or more unpredictable weather, these t-posts are a great choice.

    studded t post

    Available in 5 or 6 Foot Sizes

    They are available in two options:

    • Standard: 5 feet long, weighing 0.95 pounds / foot
    • Heavy duty: 6 feet long, weighing 1.33 pounds / foot
      • The 30% heavier weight per foot makes it more suitable for heavy duty use cases

    T-posts can be used to build safety fencing on job sites, temporary fencing to control erosion, and permanent fencing for agricultural use. 

    T-posts are both affordable and heavy duty, so they are often used in lieu of less durable wood posts.

    A coating of a 20 micron thick layer of paint helps increase longevity and prevent rust.

    Wholesale: Save When You Buy T-Post Bundles In Bulk

    Save approximately up to $6 per post when you buy in bulk! We sell our T-posts in bundles of 50 up to 5000 posts.

    bulk fence posts

    Installation Guide

    T-posts should be driven 1 to 1.5 feet into the ground for stability. To build a 3-foot tall fence, use a 5-foot T-post, placing 2 feet of the T-post into the ground.

    To build a sturdy fence, use one T-post every 8-10 feet. For easy installation of T-posts, be sure to use a T-post driver.


    What is a T-post used for?

    T-posts are generally used as the foundation for a variety of fences, including: barb wire, silt, or safety fences.

    How deep should T-posts go?

    T-posts should be dug into the ground about one-third of the desired height of your fence. So if you use a 6 foot T-Post, the T-Post should go 2 feet into the ground. If you use a 5 foot T-Post, the T-Post should go 1.5 feet into the ground.

    How far apart do T-posts need to be?

    For the best results and a sturdier fence, space t-posts no more than 10 feet apart.

    What’s better u post or T-post?

    It depends on your application. U-Posts are for light duty applications such as creating a fence around a garden. T-Posts are for heavy duty applications such as creating a fence around a property.

    How do I keep my T-post straight?

    When installing your T-post, use string or wire stretched between your end posts as a guide. Then position your t-post's anchor plate perpendicular to the wire. As you begin to drive the post into the ground with your t-post driver, make sure the post doesn't twist or turn as it enters the ground. We recommend using Sandbaggy T-Post Driver to install with more accuracy. We do not recommend using a hammer for installation.

    How do you pull T-post?

    The best way to pull up a t-post is using a t-post puller. If you do not have one, use a t-post driver. Place your t-post driver on the ground and get one of the teeth of the t-post lipped over the edge of the t-post driver. Then pull-back and use the leverage of the t-post driver to pull your t-post out of the ground.

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