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concrete dowels bars
steel dowels for concrete
smooth dowels for concrete with saw cut ends
3/4" x 18" concrete dowel bars for construction
18" concrete dowel bars

3/4" x 18" Smooth Concrete Dowel Bar - Saw Cut Ends - Plain Steel

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6-inch (9 gauge)

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Improve The Performance & Durability of Your Concrete Structures

Our 3/4" diameter smooth concrete dowel bars are made of plain steel to prevent cracking and joint faulting in your concrete structures. These bars effectively transfer loads between adjacent concrete slabs and keep joint alignment intact.

Sandbaggy construction grade steel dowels for concrete are ideal for a range of concrete projects, such as pavements, bridges, buildings, foundations, and retaining walls, our Concrete Dowels are offered at wholesale prices with free shipping, as low as $5 each.

Sandbaggy carries a variety of concrete forming supplies.


  • Length: 18"
  • Diameter: 3/4"
  • Material: Plain Steel
  • Weight: 1.3 kg / 2.87 lbs.
  • Ends: Saw Cut


    • Construction Grade: Made from plain steel with saw cut ends, our 3/4" diameter smooth dowels for concrete are great for contractors and can be used for a variety of industrial applications.
    • Effectively Transfer Loads Between Adjacent Concrete Slabs: Prevents cracking and joint faulting, this is particularly important in concrete pavements, which are subject to heavy traffic loads. The saw cut ends provide better bond between the dowel and the concrete
    • Maintains Joint Alignment: Prevents concrete slabs from moving independently. This helps to ensure that the joints remain aligned, even as the concrete slabs expand and contract due to temperature changes and traffic loading.
    • Prevent Cracks from forming at joints in concrete slabs for improved durability and longevity.
    • Allows Concrete Slabs to Expand and Contract Independently of each other, while still transferring load between the slabs, thus reducing the chances of cracking and joint faulting.
    • Ideal For A Variety Of Concrete Projects: Pavements, bridges, buildings, foundations, and retaining walls.


    What are dowels in concrete?

    Concrete dowels are steel bars designed to be placed at joints in a concrete slab. They permit the different slabs to move without compromising the connection between them. This helps to stave off cracking and joint failure.

    What is the difference between dowels and rebar?

    Both dowels and rebar are steel bars that are used in concrete construction, which are essential to the longevity of the structures. Rebar is used to reinforce concrete, while dowels transfer loads between the concrete slabs and maintain joint alignment. 

    What is the spacing for dowels on a concrete slab?

    The spacing for dowels on a concrete slab will vary depending on the thickness of the slab, the expected traffic load, and the type of dowels being used. 

    What are dowels in footing?

    Dowels in footings are used to transfer load from the superstructure to the foundation. They are typically embedded in the footing and extended into the superstructure. This helps to ensure that the superstructure is properly supported and that the foundation does not settle.

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