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Sandbaggy Rebar Tie Wire Roll 16 Gauge | Black Annealed, Steel, Approx. 330 ft | Great for Securing Rebar | 3.5 lbs

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6-inch (9 gauge)

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Product Description

  • 16 GAUGE INDUSTRIAL WIRE - Made from industrial grade wire, Sandbaggy Wire Tie Rolls are made with excellent bendability and resistant to breakage. Sandbaggy Rebar Tie Wire has a tensile strength of 50 KSI.
  • ANNEALED WIRE GREAT FOR CONCRETE APPLICATIONS - The pliability of the steel makes securing rebar in place or tying several rebars together easy and simple
  • COMPLIES WITH ASTM A510 - Sandbaggy Tie Wire meets or exceeds ASTM A510 
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR USES - Can be used for indoor or outdoor uses
  • STEEL WIRE GREAT FOR MANY OTHER APPLICATIONS - This Sandbaggy product is very versatile and can be used for small home-improvement projects to arts/crafts projects
  • WHOLESALE PRICING: BUY IN BULK AND SAVE BIG - Save big by buying a large quantity of rolls at once. Don't buy from Home Depot and pay $10.50/roll! Save 10 to 30% by buying from Sandbaggy instead! Buy coils of wire wholesale for the best deal!


  • Approx. 330 ft per roll
  • 3.5 lbs per roll
  • Black Annealed
  • 16 Gauge


How long is a roll of tie wire? How many feet in a roll of tie wire?

A standard roll of tie wire is approximately 330 feet in length

How much does roll of tie wire cost?

It depends on how many rolls you order at once. We are able to offer much lower pricing per unit as your order quantity increases. For example, if you order 4 rolls, the cost is approx. $8/roll. If you order 200 rolls, the cost drops to approx. $6/roll. 

How strong is rebar tie wire?

Sandbaggy Rebar Tie Wire's tensile strength is 50 KSI and complies with ASTM A510. If you are not a steel expert, it just means the steel is strong and can be used for connecting rebar.

Does rebar tie wire rust?

This Sandbaggy Black Annealed Rebar Tie Wire will rust. That is completely normal as rebar eventually rusts. When used in concrete, the rust is not an issue.

We also do sell a PVC Coated Yellow Rebar Tie Wire for applications where the wire will be exposed. This PVC Coated Rebar will never rust

How much does a roll of tie wire weigh?

Each roll of Rebar Tie Wire weighs about 3.5 lbs.

How often should rebar be tied?

We recommend checking with your site engineer. We recommend tying rebar every intersection or every other intersection. 

What gauge is standard tie wire?

Sandbaggy offers a 16 gauge standard tie wire which is an industry standard. 

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