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rebar chairs for footings
Heavy Duty Rebar Chairs for Sale
5 inch wide steel rebar chairs
concrete chairs for footings to hold rebar in place when pouring concrete
3 inch tall rebar double rod chairs
8 inch wide rebar chairs
rebar chairs stabilize cement sidewalks
concrete chairs for rebar support made from black annealed steel
pack of rebar chairs for concrete pouring applications
rebar chairs for #3 to #8 rebar
Pack of Rebar Chairs for Sale as low as $0.40 each
rebar chairs support 2 rods of rebar 3 inches of the ground
steel wire rebar chairs for concrete slabs and construction
rebar chairs hold rebar in place when concrete is poured

3 inch Steel Rebar Chairs for Concrete Footings - Double Rod Capacity

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Hold Rebar In Place While You Pour Concrete!

Hold your rebar in place when pouring concrete with our steel rebar chairs for footings! Our rebar chairs have a double rod capacity, supporting 2 pieces of rebar and elevating them 3 inches off the ground. They’re perfect for a variety of construction and concrete applications.


  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 4.75” Width x 8” Length x 3” Height
  • Material: 11 Gauge Steel
  • Number of Rebars Held: 2
    • Space between Rebars: 6"
  • Rebar Size : #3 to #8 Rebar (3/8" to 1" diameter)
  • Weight: 2 oz


  • Elevates and Supports rebar and wire mesh 3 inches off the ground.
  • Concrete Slabs - Use inside concrete slabs to reinforce the structure.
  • Double Rod Capacity - Sandbaggy rebar rod chair has slots to support two sticks of rebar.
  • Concrete Footing Installation - Perfect for rebar reinforcement in concrete footings, holds rebar in place when concrete is poured into an excavated trench.
  • Heavy Duty Steel - Made from annealed steel which increases the toughness, ductility, machinability of and the steel, while reducing the hardness.
  • Building & Construction Projects - Use these concrete chairs for rebar to support a variety of construction applications.
  • Other names for this product are rebar stands or rebar spacers. Since they help elevate rebar and space them out evenly.


Are rebar chairs necessary?

Rebar chairs keep rebar in place during construction, as well as provide more stability and proper concrete flow when concrete is poured in. Rebar chairs enhance the support and stability of the concrete structure.

Do you leave rebar chairs in concrete?

Yes, Rebar Chairs are left inside the concrete to help support the rebar.

What Size Rebar Does This Product Work For?

Our rebar chair works for #3 to #8 or 3/8 inch to 1 inch diameter rebar

What's the Distance Between the Rebar Slots?

Our rebar chair will space 2 rods of rebar 6 inches apart.

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