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Plastic Sheeting Roll - 10, 20 or 40 ft x 100 feet - Black Polyethylene, Vapor Barrier

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  • TRUST IN AMERICAN MADE Made in Los Angeles, California, Sandbaggy Plastic Sheeting is built to be used and stretched. Foreign made plastic sheet tears easily like paper. Support American jobs!
  • SUPERIOR TEAR STRENGTH - Sandbaggy Plastic Sheeting has 50% more tear strength than competing foreign-made sheeting! This means that your sheeting will not fail on you when you need it most!
  • GREAT FOR MANY APPLICATIONS - From agriculture to construction to do-it-yourself projects, Sandbaggy Plastic Sheeting can do it all! Whether you need to temporarily protect a stockpile or cover a crawl space, Sandbaggy Plastic Sheeting is your go-to product!
  • USE AS A VAPOR BARRIER - Protect your homes and buildings from moisture, dampness, and condensation. Available in a 6 Mil and 10 Mil thicknessWorks great for:
    • crawl spaces
    • underlayment for concrete slabs or laminate flooring
    • interior or exterior walls
  • EASY TO CUT - With a pair of scissors, you can easily cut the plastic sheeting to the desirable length and width for the specific application.
  • REUSABLE - Each Sandbaggy roll is massive and can be REUSED over and over again until it tears and breaks down. 


  • Three Sizes Available: 10 ft x 100 ft, 20 ft x 100 ft or 40 ft x 100 ft 

  • Thickness: 6 mil or 10 mil
    • Typical plastic sheeting is only 3 mil thick, half as thick as ours

  • UV inhibitor: 200 UV hours
  • Material: Polyethylene

  • Trust in American quality

  • Other names: Visqueen, Plastic film


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