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20"x 20" Gardenia Boxwood Artificial Greenery Wall Panels with White Flowers
indoor gardenia artificial greenery wall panels
faux greenery wall outdoor DIY installation on patio, UV and Water Resistant
artificial greenery wall panel with white flowers
indoor commercial greenery wall squares backdrop, lead free and flame Retardant
indoor bedroom faux greenery living wall

Gardenia - 20" x 20" Boxwood Artificial Greenery Wall Panels with White Flowers - Indoor / Outdoor (3 Year Warranty)

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Add A Lush Forest Ambience To Your Space!

Create a lush, vibrant oasis in any space with our artificial greenery wall panels (also known as fake plant wall squares). Our commitment to sustainability means they're 100% recyclable, are UV Resistant, and come with a 3-year warranty, ensuring long-lasting beauty without harming the environment.

Safety guaranteed! You can relax knowing that our panels are made from materials that are considered safe and environmentally friendly. Each panel is flame-retardant and are REACH, RoHS, and PAHs certified. 

Step into a natural oasis! Our Gardenia panels offer a realistic and unique texture, featuring lush green tones and delicate white flowers, order today!

3 Year Warranty Included

We offer a warranty of 3 years if the solar activity range is 0-200W/M2. 

  • Anti-UV, colors may not significantly fade away within 3 years.
  • Anti-aging, leaves may not fall down within 3 years, frame may not be broken within 3 years

*Please see full product warranty details, terms, and conditions.


  • Material: 100% Polyethylene
  • Greenery Variety: Boxwood
  • Panel Size: 20″ x 20″
  • Box Quantity: 12 panels (33.33 square feet)
  • Density: 256 leaves + 10 flowers per panel
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs per panel
  • Thickness: 2 inches
  • UV Resistant: Yes
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Flame Retardant: Yes
  • Lead Free: Yes
  • Safety Certifications
    • REACH Certified
    • RoHS Certified
    • PAHs Certified
  • Packaging: 12 pcs per box


  • Nature's Vibrant Palette, Brought To You! Experience the beauty of nature with our lifelike foliage, bringing the vibrant shades of the outdoors to you without any compromise.
  • Effortless DIY Installation (Snap-To-Lock System) - Cut, install, and secure these artificial living wall panels fast and easy. No heavy lifting, no expert skills needed, just pure green satisfaction. The panels connect to each other with an easy snap-to-lock system.
  • 100% Recyclable: An eco-conscious choice, our artificial greenery squares are made from 100% recyclable materials. Your green oasis, guilt-free.
  • Zero Odor - Fresh air guarantee! No plastic smell, only the scent of tranquility.
  • Safety Guaranteed: Rest easy knowing your panels are lead free, REACH, RoHS, PAHs, and Flame Retardant certified, ensuring a worry-free haven.
  • Stays Lush & Vibrant! Each purchase comes with a 3 year warranty (see details), ensuring your panels stay lush and vibrant! 
  • Indoor & Outdoor Applications: Enhance any space with these versatile panels! Whether you're planning a special event or just want to add some greenery to your home, these weather-resistant panels are perfect for any setting. 


    How do you make a fake (faux) greenery wall?

    The two main ways to create a fake greenery wall (artificial living wall) are to use artificial greenery panels (also known as greenery squares) or using preserved plants.

    If you choose to use artificial greenery panels you can either:

    1. Purchase pre-made panels: This is the easiest and quickest option, simply attach them to your wall using the provided methods (adhesive, screws, etc.).
    2. DIY with faux greenery: This is a more customizable and budget-friendly option. You can use artificial plants, vines, moss, and other materials to create your own unique design. 

    Preserved plants such as moss, ferns, and other foliage have been carefully treated, allowing them to maintain their natural appearance without requiring water or upkeep. Adhere them securely to your wall with glue or other suitable techniques.

    How do I hang the greenery wall panels?

    How you hang our greenery wall panels will depend on what surface your are hanging them on.  Here are recommended tools needed for some of the most popular surfaces.

    • Paling Fence: Measuring Tape, Scissors, and Zip Ties.
    • Timber Cladding Wall: Measuring Tape, Scissors, Zip Ties, and Staple Gun.
    • Brick or Concrete Walls: Measuring Tape, Scissors, Zip Ties, Staple Gun, Drill, Concrete Screws, and Steel Wire Grid.

    The basics steps needed in most applications are:

    1. Measure the wall that you are going to cover.
    2. Calculate the numbers of panels you will need.
    3. Connect the panels together using the easy snap-to-lock system.
    4. Secure the panels together with zip ties.
    5. Trim the extra zip ties to finish the installation.

    What do you recommend using these for?

    Our artificial greenery wall panels are great for a variety of applications.

    • wall decor
    • backgrounds / backdrops
    • weddings
    • special events
    • commercial / residential
    • living room, bedrooms
    • backyard, landscape, patio

    How do I attach these wall panels?

    These wall panels attach together with an easy snap-to-lock system. For extra security you can use zip ties.

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