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Concrete Plain Slab Bolster Upper With Gray Plastic Coated Legs - Continuous Rebar Chairs (5" x 5 ft x 3")

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Length (Gauge)

6-inch (9 gauge)

8-inch (8 gauge galvanized) - 90% markup

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Properly Position and Support Rebar In Concrete Slabs

Sandbaggy Concrete Slab Bolster Upper with Grey Plastic-Coated Legs (also known as a beam bolster) provides great strength and durability with its 6 gauge steel and continuous design. The gray plastic tipped legs protect the underlying surface from scratches and damage and prevent the slab bolster from slipping or sliding. Its continuous design ensures even support and spacing of the rebar.

Our Plain Slab Bolster Upper is easy to install and great for a variety of applications, such as elevated decking, footings, slabs on metal decks, bridges and patios/sidewalks. It streamlines the rebar installation process, yields better concrete consistency and extends the longevity of concrete structures. 

Sandbaggy Slab Bolster Upper is available as low as $0.46 per foot. Arrives in 1-5 business days when you order today!

    Sandbaggy carries a variety of concrete forming supplies.


    • Material: Steel
    • Legs: Coated Plastic
    • Gauge: 6
    • Height: 3 inch
    • Length: 5 ft
    • Width: 3.75 inch
    • Leg Spacing: 5 inch
    • Weight: 16 oz (1 lb)


    • Plastic-Coated Legs For Extra Protection & Stability: Sanbaggy slab bolster legs are dipped in plastic to protect surfaces from scratches and slipping, improving job site safety and efficiency.
    • Exceptional Strength and Resilience: Constructed with construction-grade 6 gauge steel and continuous design to stand up to heavy duty use.
    • Continuous Design For Easy Installation: Simply place it on the surface and position the rebar on top. The 5 ft continuous slab bolster ensures uniform support and spacing of the reinforcing bar, minimizing your time and energy expenditure.
    • Save With Sandbaggy! Our Slab Bolster Upper offers impressive value for its price - at only $0.46 per foot, it is 4x  more affordable than competing products on the market.
    • Great For A Variety Of Applications, such as elevated concrete decks, footings, metal decks, bridge decks, and patios and sidewalks.
    • Improve Concrete Quality: Helps optimize rebar placement, resulting in a superior quality and stronger concrete.


    What is a slab bolster upper?

    Slab bolster uppers are type of rebar rod chair used to space layers of steel or support steel on soft material surfaces. They feature two runner wires connected by evenly-spaced legs and topped with a supporting wire, available in various heights and lengths for project-specific needs.

    What are slab bolsters used for?

    Slab bolsters are regularly employed in concrete construction for applications such as:

    • Elevated concrete decks
    • Footings
    • Slab on metal deck
    • Bridge decks
    • Concrete patios and sidewalks

    Slab bolsters secure rebar to the correct positions, promoting the reliability and endurance of the concrete structure.

    What is the spacing for slab bolster uppers?

    A typical spacing for slab bolster uppers is 5 inches on center, please note this may vary depending on the application and advice from an engineer or architect.

    What's the difference between a slab bolster upper and lower?

    Slab bolster uppers provide a structural foundation to hold one layer of steel above another, while slab bolster lowers are meant to support the bottom steel rebar in a concrete slab.

    What is a concrete beam bolster?

    A Concrete beam bolster (also known as a rebar bolster) is used to support lower beam steel from the slab form. Concrete bolsters are available in a variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of each pr

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