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18 inch concrete footing ties
18 inch concrete ties for footings and grade beams
18 inch concrete footing ties construction grade
18 inch concrete footing ties wholesale
Concrete Footing Ties - 16 Gauge Steel
concrete footing foundation

Concrete Footing Ties - 16 Gauge Steel

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Secure Your Foundation: Construction-Grade Ties for Footings and Grade Beams

Ensure professional concrete pours with our reliable Concrete Footing Ties. These cost-effective braces are essential in preventing expensive formwork failures for both commercial and residential footings or grade beams.  Used to form 18 inch wide footers or grade beams.

These concrete formwork ties are made from robust 16 gauge steel for lasting durability. The smooth radius design prevents chipping on concrete slabs and the welded steel mounting adds sturdy support throughout the pouring process.

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  • Footer / Grade Beam Size: 18 inch
  • Length: 20.5 inch
  • Width: 7/8 inch
  • Material: Steel
  • Gauge: 16


  • Support 18" Wide Footers or Grade Beams: Build solid concrete foundations, creating a stable base for your walls and columns.
  • Ensures Flawless Pours: Prevent bowing or collapsing of concrete forms for footings and grade beams during concrete pours.
  • Commercial and Residential Applications: A versatile solution for your concrete foundation needs.
  • Smooth Radius Design to prevent chipping of slabs, ensuring a clean and professional finish for your project.
  • Construction-Grade 16 gauge steel with welded steel mounting for enhanced durability and strength.


What are footing ties?

Footing ties are metal braces used in concrete construction. They hold the concrete formwork in place for footings and grade beams. This prevents the forms from bowing outward due to the pressure of the wet concrete.

Do form ties stay in concrete?

Some concrete form ties remain embedded in the hardened concrete, while others can be removed. Many concrete form ties will have a break back, in which they are specifically designed to break off at predetermined point after the concrete has cured.

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