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Black Silt Fence Fabric Roll For Erosion Control is 3 oz thick and DOT approved
black silt fence roll specifications
black silt fence for sediment retention on construction sites
DOT and Commercial Grade Silt Fence
uv stabilized black silt fence
temporary black silt fence for erosion control barrier
Heavy Duty Polypropylene Black Silt Fence Fabric Rolls For Construction
UV stabilized woven geotextile filter fabric
Temporary Silt Fence for sediment control on construction site
3 ft tall temporary Safety Fence
Install Silt Fence for sediment retention on hillside
Temporary Silt Fence on job sites

3 ft Silt Fence Fabric Rolls - Sediment and Erosion Control (Black)

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Fast Temporary Sediment and Erosion Control Solution On Job Sites!

Sandbaggy Black Silt Fence Fabric is a fast & effective temporary sediment and erosion control solution, perfect for construction job sites. This woven geotextile filter fabric allows water to pass through, but not soil. They are 3 ft wide and 500 ft long.

Our silt fence rolls are strong and are UV Stabilized (UV inhibitors added to the fabric). They’re available in both a commercial grade and DOT grade option. Use the commercial grade for standard job sites, and the DOT grade, which is more heavy duty, when it’s required by the site engineer. (Our DOT Grade fabric is 2x thicker than our commercial grade fabric)


  • Width: 3 ft (36 inches)
  • Length(s): 500 ft
  • Thickness
    • Commercial Grade: 1.8 oz
    • DOT Grade: 3 to 3.2 oz
  • Material: Woven Polypropylene
  • Fabric Type: Woven Geotextile
  • Color: Black
  • Fencing Product Type: Construction/Temporary Fencing
  • Use: Erosion control, Sediment Retention
  • Dimensions3 ft x 500 ft (1500 square ft)


  • Temporary Erosion Control Barrier: Fast and easy to install with wood stakes (wood stakes sold separately).
  • Retains Sediment On Construction Sites: Prevent water pollution with Woven Geotextile Filter Fabrics. These types of fabrics are strong and permeable. They allow water to flow through the fabric, while catching soil and sediment.
  • Available In Commercial & DOT Grade: Our commercial grade fabric is great for standard job sites.The DOT grade is used on Department of Transportation jobs. It is used where the engineer specifies the need to use DOT Grade Silt Fence.
  • UV Stabilized for extended life under the sun.
  • Compatible with Silt Fence Installer Machines: Engineered for easy installation with silt fence installer machines, such as Blue Diamond Silt Fence Installer Attachment. 
  • Wood Stakes Sold Separately

Comparison with Competition

black silt fence fabric
  • UV Protection: added to fabric
  • Made from 100% virgin resin: provides additional strength compared with recycled resin
  • Laboratory tested: to meet ASTM tests
  • Pre-shipment inspection: fabric inspected for irregularities and breakages before shipment

Results on ASTM Test

Every batch of fabric is lab tested to ensure consistency and quality throughout the fabric roll.

  • UV Protection: ASTM D4355 - at least 80% strength after 500 hours


What is the purpose of a silt fence?

Silt fences are used to retain soil on a construction site or any other disturbed land. It’s important to retain soil, to control erosion and protect nearby bodies of water from being filled with excess sediments or pollutants.

Does water go through silt fence?

Yes, silt fences are made of a woven synthetic material, usually a woven geotextile fabric. Woven geotextile fabrics are a semi impermeable fabric. They allow water to flow through the material slowly, while trapping sediment.

Can these be installed with Silt Fence Installer Machines?

Yes, Sandbaggy Black Silt Fence Fabric can be easily installed with silt fence installer machines, such as Blue Diamond Silt Fence Installer Attachment. 

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