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16d duplex nails
16D duplex nails specs
16d duplex nails smooth shank, flat double head
construction grade 16D Duplex Nails made from 8 gauge steel
16D Duplex Nails for temporary construction applications
easy to install and remove 16D Duplex Nails
wholesale 16D Duplex Nails for sale
16D Duplex Nails Bendable
double headed nail
3.5 inch 16d duplex nails
concrete form nails
16d duplex nails wholesale by the lb
scaffolding nails
16d Duplex Nails (3.5" Long) - Concrete Forms & Scaffolding - 8 Gauge Steel
16d duplex nails smooth shank, flat double head
16d Duplex Nails (3.5" Long) - Concrete Forms & Scaffolding - 8 Gauge Steel

16d Duplex Nails (3.5" Long) - Concrete Forms & Scaffolding - 8 Gauge Steel

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Strong, Reusable Nails for Temporary Construction!

Introducing the 16D Duplex Nails (also known as scaffolding nails or concrete form nails) are a reliable solution for a range of temporary construction, concrete formwork, and scaffolding needs.

Specially designed to meet the demands of construction projects, as well as being easy to remove and reuse! Crafted from 8-gauge steel, they are incredibly strong and highly resistant to bending. This double headed nail is simple to install and remove, the smooth shank guarantees effortless installation with minimal risk of damage to the material. On sale today as low as nearly $0.02 per nail ($1.20 per lb.), order today!

*Please note that orders above 20,000 pcs may incur a lead time of at least a few weeks due to production delay.

Sandbaggy carries a variety of concrete forming supplies.


  • Length: 3.5 inch
  • Thickness: 8 Gauge (4.1mm / 0.16 inch)
  • Weight (per nail): 0.3 oz / 0.018 lbs. 
  • Head Style: Flat
  • Material: Steel
  • Exterior Finish: Black Annealed
  • Shank Type: Smooth
  • Reusable / Removable


  • Construction Grade: Sandbaggy 16D Duplex Nails are constructed from an 8 gauge black annealed steel offering exceptional strength and resilience, able to withstand the demands of temporary construction.
  • Reusable: Can be utilized multiple times, creating an effective and inexpensive option for temporary building projects.
  • Effortless Installation: features a smooth shank which contributes to easy installation and reduces the risk of material damage during the fastening process.
  • Safe & Easy To Remove: Nails can easily be removed without damaging the surrounding material. All you need is the reverse end of a claw hammer to remove this double headed nail.
  • Use For A Variety Of Applications: Cater to a wide range of temporary construction applications, including scaffolding, concrete forming, and other temporary structures.
  • Low Wholesale Pricing! As low as nearly $0.02 per nail, over 2x more affordable than what you can find at the big box or local hardware stores.


What is a duplex nail used for?

Duplex nails are commonly utilized for temporary building projects, such as scaffolding, concrete formwork, and framing. They may also be employed for roofing and siding projects, as well. The double heads of duplex nails make them easier to drive and extract, while also facilitating reuse.

What is the difference between common and duplex nails

The main difference is that duplex nails have 2 heads, this is advantageous for extracting the nail since.

How to remove 16d duplex nails

Using a hammer and pliers, 16d duplex nails can be removed. Drive the nail through until the second head is visible, then grip and pull with the pliers.

Here are some additional tips

  • If the nail is bent - use a nail puller to remove it.
  • If the nail is rusted - apply a penetrating oil to help loosen it.
  • If the nail is stuck in a tight spot - use a chisel to break it free.

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