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Monofilament, Long-Lasting Polyethylene Sandbags (1-2 Year Life)

Monofilament, long lasting sandbags are made of high-density polyethylene.

The UV protection in their heavy duty material allows them to last 1-2 years under direct sunlight, compared to only 6 months for standard sandbags.

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Sizes and Features

Available in three sizes: 14" x 26", 17" x 27", and 11" x 48" (most popular)

Each of our long-lasting polyethylene sandbags have a weight capacity of 50 pounds or more and are great for making flood barriers and for flood control.

The bags include a strong black tie string for enclosing the bag after being filled with sand.

Which size monofilament, polyethylene long-lasting sandbag should I buy?

14x26 monofilament, polyethylene sandbags
14" x 26"
17x27 monofilament, polyethylene sandbags
17" x 27"
11x48 monofilament, polyethylene tube sandbags
11" x 48" (most popular)
Color Yellow Brown Green
UV Protection 1-2 years: 2-3X longer than standard, polypropylene sandbags
Weight capacity 50 lbs 70 lbs
Material High-density polyethylene: 2-3X thicker than polypropylene sandbags
What to put in it Gravel

Erosion control



Strong nylon tiestring included Yes

Extremely Durable For Heavy Duty Applications

These structurally durable sandbags will not rupture even if driven over by cars. That's because they are manufactured from a high density polyethylene. Polyethylene sandbags last longer than both polypropylene and burlap alternatives. That’s because polyethylene is a heavier duty plastic than polypropylene, and burlap is a natural material that will biodegrade. These sandbags are excellent for heavy duty applications like sandbagging, landscaping, erosion control, and construction.

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