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6 ft woven geotextile fabric
Specs Woven Geotextile Landscape Fabric

Woven Geotextile Landscape Fabric (4 oz) for Soil Stabilization / Separation - Underlayment for Driveway, Pavers, Gravel Roads, Retaining Wall

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Stabilize Your Roads and Driveways With This Fabric

Prevent bumps and lumps in your roads when you use Sandbaggy 4 oz Woven Geotextile Fabric! Just install this geotextile fabric under gravel or aggregate to keep your roads and driveways nice and smooth. This fabric is great for stabilization, separation, and reinforcement applications, creating an effective layer between the aggregate and the soil.

It’s the perfect driveway or road fabric to prevent fallout and potholes. We’ve made this fabric heavy duty to ensure it will not tear. It has a tensile strength of 200 lbs and is puncture resistant up to 700 lbs. This is a long lasting fabric made to last up to 50+ years (if buried properly with at least 3 inches of gravel or mulch).

How Sandbaggy Woven Geotextile Beats The Competition

Checkout just what makes this Sandbaggy product the perfect geotextile fabric for driveway underlayment or road construction. This fabric is compliant with NTPEP and AASHTO standards and meets Class 1 requirements for Woven Geotextiles.

What Happens When A 7000 lb Forklift Drives Directly on Sandbaggy Fabric?

Our 4 oz thick geotextile fabric is extremely heavy duty. It makes a great road or driveway fabric, when installed under gravel or any other kind of aggregate above the subgrade.


  • STOP HAVING BUMPY & UNSTABLE ROADS - Add Sandbaggy Woven Geotextile fabric as an underlayment underneath gravel and your road will be stabilized. No more bumpy roads from now on!
  • BUILT TOUGH - Made with Industrial Grade 4 oz Woven Polypropylene, this Sandbaggy Fabric is the toughest in its class and is rated for 200 lbs of tensile strength. This is TWO TIMES thicker than standard fabrics.
  • 50 YEAR FABRIC - The fabric is engineered to last 50+ yrs (*depends on site conditions) if buried properly with at least 3 inches of gravel or mulch. However, if the fabric is exposed to the Sun, the lifespan drops as low as 1 year.
  • TRUCKS & CARS CAN DRIVE ON FABRIC - This Sandbaggy fabric is built tough enough for vehicles to drive over it. Just add a couple of inches of gravel on top of the fabric and it's ready to be driven over!
  • SOIL STABILIZATION: Stabilize your soil with this fabric! Use it for both paved and unpaved roadways, as well as for other projects like retaining walls. Install it under mulch, gravel, or any other kind of aggregate.
  • SOIL SEPARATION: Made from woven polypropylene, this geotextile is able to create a separation barrier between the subgrade and aggregate.
  • GREAT FOR MANY APPLICATIONS - This Sandbaggy Fabric has so many uses such as Farming/Gardening, Landscaping, and Underlayment for Driveways, Pavers, Gravel Roads & Parking Lots.
  • WEED BARRIER: Also great for use as a weed barrier in a vegetable garden to control weeds
  • UV PROTECTED - Industry leading UV inhibitors are added to the fabric for prolonged life under the Sun
  • PALLET/TRUCKLOAD PRICING - Please contact us for bulk pallet pricing or truckload discount
  • Note: Rolls will be folded to fit within UPS size guidelines (4 ft wide or less). In addition, Rolls may arrive in 2 parts depending on the roll (for example: if you order a 100 feet roll, you may receive two-50 ft pieces).

geotextile fabric under gravel

weed barrier under gravel


    • Thickness: 4 oz
    • Material: polypropylene woven fabric
    • Meets Class 1 requirements for Woven Geotextiles
    • Equivalent or exceeds fabric specifications from Tencate Mirafi 500X or Propex Geotex 200ST or Hanes Geo TerraTex GS
    • Roll Weight:
      • 6 ft x 50 ft - 3 lbs
      • 6 ft x 100 ft - 9 lbs
      • 6 ft x 200 ft - 32 lbs
      • 12.5 ft x 10 ft - 3.2 lbs
      • 12.5 ft x 25 ft - 8 lbs
      • 12.5 ft x 50 ft - 16 lbs
      • 12.5 ft x 100 ft - 32 lbs
      • 12.5 ft x 200 ft - 64 lbs
      • 17.5 ft x 25 ft - 12 lb
      • 17.5 ft x 50 ft - 23 lb
      • 17.5 ft x 100 ft - 45 lb
    • Note: Rolls will be folded in half to fit within UPS size guidelines. In addition, Rolls may arrive in 2 parts depending on the roll (for example: if you order a 100 feet roll, you may receive two-50 ft pieces). 
    • Fabric Variance: Please note that fabric may have approx (±) 3% variance in size due to manufacturer's cutting machine

    Fabric Lifespan - 50+ Years

    As long as the fabric is buried with at least 3 inches of gravel, mulch, or under roads, and is away from any UV sun exposure, this fabric can last 50+ years.

    geotextile fabric for driveway

    Parking Lot / Road Construction

    Sandbaggy woven fabric is great for stabilizing roads! Making sure your road avoids lumps and bumps.

    road fabric

    Perfect Weed Barrier For Your Driveway

    Keep your driveway looking sharp and beautiful! This is a great weed control fabric for driveways, since weeds will be unable to grow through the tightly woven polypropylene material.

    driveway fabric

    Rip Rap Underlayment

    Woven geotextile fabric is ideal for rip rap applications due to its key properties. It effectively separates different materials, ensuring the stability and proper distribution of rip rap stones. The fabric's filtration capabilities prevent the loss of underlying soils while providing reinforcement and durability to the structure, leading to enhanced long-term performance.
    woven geotextile for rip rap underlayment

    Case Study - Soil Stabilization in A South Texas Parking Lot

    A customer in South Texas recently contacted us for help on a parking lot they owned. This parking lot needs stabilizing as it is currently filled with sand/dirt.

    We recommended them to add a layer of Sandbaggy Woven Geotextile which will immediately stabilize the ground. Then, add 3-4 inches of gravel on top.

    Having a layer of Geotextile fabric in between the gravel and dirt is extremely critical. Without this fabric layer, gravel will sink deeper and deeper into the dirt as cars drive on it. This means that you will need to add more gravel every year, costing approximately $1500 per truckload including labor for installation & material.

    Do the job once! Not a hundred times! Use Sandbaggy Woven Geotextile!

    stabilization fabric

    In the Press

    Sandbaggy has been written up by Fox, Daily Herald, MarketWatch and other news outlets for leading the industry 

    gravel underlayment

    Customer Photos/Reviews

    Sandbaggy Woven Geotextile For Soil Separation and Stabilization

    Woven geotextile fabrics create a separation layer to prevent the gravel from sinking into the subgrade. Steve installed our woven geotextile fabric under gravel to stabilize the ground for his new building.

    Place Sandbaggy Fabric Under Gravel For Backyard Projects

    See our woven geotextile fabric in action! Homestead How used our fabric under gravel for their backyard project.

    Use Woven Geotextile as an Underlayment For Their Driveway

    Use our fabric as driveway underlayment to prevent lumps and bumps from forming in your driveway.

    driveway underlayment


    What is driveway fabric called?

    Driveway fabric is also known as a geotextile fabric, road fabric, soil stabilization fabric, or gravel underlayment. These different terms are used interchangeably for the same product.

    Is driveway fabric necessary?

    Yes, Driveway Fabrics help ensure the longevity and life of your driveway since they help stabilize the soil, as well as separate the soil from the aggregate. This results in less maintenance for your driveway. Without the Driveway Fabric, you will need to add more gravel to your road/driveway every year, costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.

    What's the difference between landscape fabric and geotextile fabric?

    Geotextile fabric is a type of landscape fabric used to stabilize the soil. The type of landscape fabric used will depend on your project needs.

    Woven vs non-woven geotextile?

    The difference between woven and non-woven geotextile fabric is their permeability. Non-woven geotextiles allow water to pass through, while woven geotextiles do not.

    What is the difference between the types of rolls you sell?

    Roll type

    Jute netting
    Jute netting

    Coir Mat

    Black landscape fabric
    Black landscape fabric

    Orange landscape fabric
    Burlap fabric roll
    Burlap fabric
    Material Jute Coconut fiber Polypropylene woven fabric Burlap
    Length 225 ft 165 ft 300, 500 ft 100, 300, 500 ft 300 ft
    Width 4 ft 4 ft 3 ft 3 ft 3.33 or 6 ft
    Coverage 900 sq. ft 1,070 sq. ft 900 or 1,500 sq. ft 300 - 1,500 sq. ft 1,000 or 1,800 sq. ft
    Price/sqft (1,000 sq. ft) $0.17 $0.30 $0.08 $0.09 $0.15

    Stabilize soil

    Control erosion

    Beach / shoreline erosion
    (Water submersion)

    Hillside erosion

    Weed barrier

    Silt fence

    Weed barrier

    Silt fence

    Table / aisle runner

    Floor mats

    Tree / shrub protection

    Life 1-2 years 2-5 years

    9 months - 10 yrs (depending on Sun exposure)

    9 months - 10 yrs (depending on Sun exposure)
    Anchored using 6-inch sod staples N/A
    Biodegradable? Yes Yes No No Yes

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