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31-inch x 45-inch Large Sandbags [100 lbs Capacity] - Also Called Contractor Trash Bags

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  • Size: 31 inch x 45 inch
    • 100 lbs weight capacity
    • Color: White, Clear
    • 6 mil contractor bags: 2X thicker than normal bags
      Sandbaggy Rugged Series Sandbags: 31x45 sandbags: 6 mil plastic, 2x thicker than normal bags, tear resistant


    • Thick heavy duty 6-mil contractor bags
    • Empty polypropylene contractor bags for sale
    • Photodegradable
    • Great for storing materials and garbarge
    • Sack race bags for adults and children
    • 30-day return policy
    • Free shipping: arrives in 4 business days (500 empty sandbags or fewer), anywhere in continental USA
      • Shipments of 1,000 empty sandbags or more will take 1-3 weeks (pallet shipment)


    1. Perfect Demolition Trash Bag

    Comparison between Standard Trash Bags and Sandbaggy Rugged Bags

    Standard Trash Bags vs Sandbaggy Rugged Bags: Rugged Bags use woven polypropylene (same material that the US Military requires for their sandbags), Does not tear easily when filled with heavy objects such as tiles or bricks, Reusable, Perfect Demolition Trash Bag!

    Standard trash bags
    • Material: Blown Plastic Film
    • Great For: Household trash
    • Problem: Tears easily when filled with heavy objects such as tile or bricks
    Sandbaggy Rugged Bags
    • Material: Woven Polypropylene - same material that the US Military requires for their Sandbags
    • Does not tear easily when filled with heavy objects such as tiles or bricks
    • Reusable
    • Perfect Demolition Trash Bag!

    2. Great for many uses

    Clearing Construction Trash During Renovation

    Clearing Construction Trash During Renovation

    These bags can hold anything, whether broken glass, tiles, bricks, or old sinks. For anything that needs to be removed during renovation, use Sandbaggy Rugged Series Large Bags. Typical trash bags will rip when filled with heavy objects like the ones mentioned above, but not Sandbaggy Bags!

    Filling Trash with Reusable Trash Bag

    Reusable Trash Bag

    The reusability of these bags will help you save money as a contractor. You can easily fill them up, dump the contents into the trash, then reuse!

    Package Goods for Transport or Storage

    Package Goods for Transport or Storage

    Sandbaggy bags are great for packaging your goods for transport and storage. Our customers use our bags to package used shoes/clothing and ship them abroad. 

    The poly bags can be great for storing dry good commodities, such as chemicals, pet food, resins, grains, animal feed, seeds, food products, and fertilizer.

    Traveling Soon? Stroller at airport check-in counter

    Traveling Soon?

    Use a Sandbaggy Bag to protect your strollers, car seats and backpacks from damage when checking in at the airport.

    3. Heavy duty, lots of applications

    Our rugged Sandbaggy 6-mil contractor bags are made with thick weaves allowing for heavy-duty applications like storing materials and trash.

    The weave count is 10x10.

    White 31x45 Thick Heavy Duty Filled Contractor Bags, Garbage Bags, Construction Trash Bags

    Our tough, coarsely-woven contractor bags can be used for so many different applications, including as sack race bags.

    These contractor bags are fully reusable and can be used many times.

    31x45 poly large sandbags are reusable and built for many uses

    These 31" x 45" contractor bags are part of Sandbaggy's Rugged Series, along with the smaller 25" x 40" sandbags.

    Sandbaggy Rugged Series Sandbags are available in two sizes: large size (25" x 40") and extra large size (31" x 45")

    Other names for Sandbags: Poly Bags, Sandbag, Sandbagging, Empty Sandbags, Sand bags, Military Sandbags, Polypropylene Bags, Sand bag


    What size sandbag should I buy?


    14x26 polypropylene sandbags (all colors)
    14" x 26"

    (most popular)

    14" x 26" ultra
    heavy duty

    12" x 38"
    tube sandbags
    18x30 white polypropylene sandbags
    18" x 30"
    25x40 white polypropylene sandbags
    25" x 40"
    31x45 white polypropylene sandbags
    31" x 45"
    White bulk bags
    35"L x 35"W x 50"H
    bulk bags
    80 in. x 80 in. Plastic Poly Sheets80" x 80"
    poly sheets
    How to fill it
    Sandbag filler
    UV Protection 3-6 months 7-15 months 6-9 months 3-6 months None None 6-12 months
    Weight capacity 50 lbs 100 lbs 90 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 100 lbs 2,000 lbs N/A
    What to put in it

















    grass clippings





    flood control

    erosion control

    military fortification
    (green color)

    earthbag homes

    flood control

    erosion control

    military fortification

    earthbag homes

    inlet protection

    flood protection

    sediment control on hills/slopes

    securing plastic sheeting

    flood control

    erosion control


    earthbag homes



    trash bags


    hauling materials

    collect green waste

    Ties included Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes (corner straps) No





    Black White White White White White White

    Relevant Questions

    How Customers Use 31" x 45" 6-mil Contractor Bags (actual customer photos)

    Store boxes in Florida

    31x45 6-mil contractor bags used to store boxes on a pallet in a warehouse

    • 31x45 6-mil contractor bags used to store boxes on a pallet in a warehouse

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