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5 ft long water activated sandless sandbags
Sandbaggy heavy duty 5 ft Water Activated Sandbags
sandless tube sandbags reviews
water absorbent instant tube sandbags
long sandless sandbags protect doors from flooding
water activated sandbags last 3-6 months
divert water with 5 ft water activated sandbag tubes
5 ft long water activated sandbags made in the USA
how to inflate (saturate) water activated sandbags
water activated tube sandbags protecting home
60 inch water activated barrier in front of door to prevent flooding
Water Absorbing Sandbags Make Instant Flood Barrier. Just Spray Water
Polypropylene Sandless Sandbags filled with Super Absorbent Gel
super absorbent 5 ft long sandbags absorbs 4 gallons of water
Instant Gel Filled Tube Sandbags
water activated flood barrier protecting door

5 ft Water Activated Sandless Sandbags For Flooding

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An Instant & Ready To Go Flood Barrier!!

Get sandbags installed 10X faster and set up a water barrier in just minutes with Water Activated Sandless Sandbags (also known as instant sandbags or flood bags)! There’s zero work required, once the water hits the sandbag the sandbag expands to create a water barrier and protect against flooding. They work great for flood protection and erosion control applications. They're the ideal size to block doors, protecting your garages, basements, etc.

At Sandbaggy we want to ensure all our sandbags are built to last and able to accomplish just what you need them for! We’ve constructed these 5 ft long sandbags to be extremely tough. They are 2x thicker than the competition and can be dropped 40+ times without any damage to the bag! Plus, they arrive ready to go, and once installed last 3-6 months (they have a storage life of 5 years). Our sandless sandbags are made in the USA.

Also availble in a smaller size: 14" x 26" Water Activated Sandbags.

How do water activated sandbags work? (And how to fill them up)

Our Water Activated Tube Sandbags contain superabsorbent polymers (gel) within the outer shell that expand as they absorb water. This makes them much easier to use and handle than a traditional sandbag. Just dunk these water absorbing bags in a bucket of water, then take them out and spray water on it to fully saturate the bag. When fully expanded they are about 3.5 inches tall. You can easily stack multiple bags on top of eachother. 


  • Size (Empty Bag): 6 in. x 60 in.
  • Weight: 16 oz (1 lbs)
  • Activated Size: 6 in. x 60 in. x 3.5 in.
  • Activated Weight: up to 30 lbs
  • Absorbs: 4 Gallons of water
  • Outer Material: Polypropylene
  • Inner Material: Super Absorbent Gel
  • Inflation Time: 10 minutes
  • Country of Origin: ‎ USA
  • Not Compatible with Salt Water
  • Lifespan:
    • 5 yrs storage life
    • 3-6 months once activated


  • Made in America: Don’t buy cheap imported sandbags! We proudly support American manufacturing, workers, & families.
  • 2x Thicker Than The Competition: Our Sandless Sandbags are made from an 8 oz thick polypropylene fabric, while many of our competitors use a 4 oz thick fabric.
  • Great For Heavy Duty Applications: These 5 ft long tube sandbags are extremely durable, they can be dropped 40+ times without any damage to the bag! Great for heavy duty applications like flood protection, erosion control, and construction. Ideal size for garages and basements.
  • Fully Saturated In Just 10 Minutes (3.5 inches tall)! Water activated sandbags take about 10 minutes to fully saturate with water. First place them in a bucket of water, then take them out and spray them to fully saturate.
  • Instant Flood & Hurricane Protection: Arrives ready to use! Fill them with water and you’re done. These instant sandbags are so much easier to use than traditional sandbags. Stop wasting time filling and moving heavy sandbags. Sandless Sandbags are much more lightweight, they are approximately 30 lbs. when fully saturated with water.
  • Super Absorbent: Absorbs up to 4 Gallons of water! Sandbags can weigh up to 30 lbs.
  • Lasts 3-6 Months for On-Going Protection: Once activated these sandbags offer protection for up to 3-6 months! They have a 5 year storage life.
  • Made from non-toxic materials


  • Do not use with salt water, fresh water only!
  • Gel is slippery, make sure to wipe with rag after bag is removed.
  • Do not cut open bag
  • Sandbaggy Sandless Sandbags are made to divert water. We are not liable for water damage or property damage should the product not work for your application.

Installation Tips

  1. Bags arrive empty
  2. Dunk Bag In Water
  3. Take The Bag Out
  4. Spray Water Directly On The Bag
  5. Wait Until Your Bag is About 3.5 inches Tall
  6. Install & Protect Your Property (Double stack bags if necessary)


Do sandless sandbags work?

Sandless sandbags are effective in preventing flooding and erosion, and have been tested and proven to be effective in real-world situations. They work similar to traditional sandbags, the difference is that they use superabsorbent polymers to absorb water and subsequently divert water, rather than being filled with sand, gravel, or dirt.

How long do sandless sandbags last?

Like all sandbags, the lifespan depends on a variety of factors such as the conditions they are being used or stored under. Once activated with water, our sandless sandbags will last 3-6 months. If stored properly, in an enclosed area like a garage, these sandbags have a storage life of 5 years.

Can you reuse water activated sandbags?

Once activated, you can reuse these sandbags as many times as you need within 3-6 months. After that we recommend using a new sandbag.

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