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Rebar Parts & Accessories

Tools That Make Securing Rebar Safe & Easy

Sandbaggy's variety of Rebar Tools and Accessories will help you secure your rebar safe, fast, and easy! We have a selection of:

  • Rebar Ties
  • Rebar Chairs
  • Rebar Safety Caps
  • Rebar Wire Tying Tools
  • Rebar Stakes

Need help deciding which Rebar products are best for you? Learn more below!

Rebar Ties

We offer 2 rebar tie wire options.

The difference is that the yellow PVC coated wire is rust-proof.

Rebar Safety Caps

Our rebar safety caps are great for both #3 and #8 rebar. The larger size caps will also fit large T-posts.

Rebar Tying Tools

We provide a manual and automatic rebar tying tool. The automatic is easier to use, while the manual is more lightweight.

Rebar Stakes

We have both U shaped and J shaped rebar stakes. Both stakes can be used interchangeably for all applications. We’d recommend using the U stakes for more permanent use, and the J stakes for jobs where you will be pulling them in and out of the ground more often.

Our Customers

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