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Plastic Frost Cloth Roll
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Frost Cloth Roll Made in the USA
Non-Woven Polypropylene Frost Cloth Roll
Black Geotextile Frost Cloth Rolls
Black Frost Cloth Roll 100 ft
Frost Cloth Rolls Made In the USA
3 ft wide Frost Cloth Rolls
6 ft wide Frost Cloth Rolls
10 ft wide Frost Cloth Rolls
12 ft wide Frost Cloth Rolls
15 ft wide Frost Cloth Rolls
17.5 ft wide Frost Cloth Rolls
15 ft x 360 ft Frost Cloth Rolls Bulk
15 ft x 360 ft Frost Cloth Rolls Truckload

Frost Cloth Roll for Plants, Trees, Gardens (4 oz) - Made in USA

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Protects Your Plants, Trees, & Garden From Extremely Cold Weather!

Sandbaggy Frost Cloth Rolls will protect your plants, trees, & gardens from extremely cold weather and heavy winds. They offer maximum freeze protection. We’ve made these 450% thicker than the competition, able to withstand 100 MPH winds without tearing, and UV resistant, able to last 9-24 months under the sun. Even though they are heavy duty, they are still permeable, allowing water to go through to your plants. Use them as a row cover, frost blanket, or even as plant shade under extreme weather conditions and they’ll get the job done.

Frost Cloth Rolls 4 oz thick


  • Thickness: 4 oz
  • Material: non-woven polypropylene fabric
  • Sizes:
    • 3 x 50 ft - 4 lbs
    • 3 x 100 ft - 9 lbs
    • 3 x 300 ft - 23 lbs
    • 6 x 50 ft - 9 lbs
    • 6 x 100 ft - 15 lbs
    • 10 x 50 ft - 14 lbs
    • 10 x 100 ft - 25 lbs
    • 15 x 25 ft - 10 lbs
    • 15 x 50 ft - 20 lbs
    • 17.5 x 25 ft - 13 lb
    • 17.5 x 50 ft - 25 lb
  • Color: Black
  • Folded Fabric: Rolls over 3 feet will be folded in half to fit within UPS size guidelines. In addition, Rolls may arrive in 2 parts depending on the roll (for example: if you order a 100 feet roll, you may receive two-50 ft pieces). 
  • Fabric Variance: Please note that fabric may have approx (±) 3% variance in size due to manufacturer's cutting machine


  • Heavy Duty Frost Protection Fabric: Has 100 lbs of tensile strength, making it extremely hard to tear!
  • Breathable: Made from industrial grade non woven polypropylene fabric, making the fabric permeable and allows your plants to breathe.
  • Completely Covers Plants and Trees: The smaller sizes work great as a frost blanket for smaller or individual plants and shrubs, the larger sizes work great as a frost cloth for trees or for farming during the cold winters.
  • Great For Gardens: Use as row covers to protect your fruits and vegetables. Just install with rebar stakes.
  • UV Resistant: Our frost protection fabric rolls have a UV resistant additive for extended life under the sun. These frost cloths can last 9-24 months under direct sunlight without breaking down.
  • 450% Thicker Than The Competition! Sandbaggy's frost cloths for plants are 4 oz thick, which is over 4x more than our competitors, which are 0.9 oz on average. This means more protection against extreme cold weather conditions and more insulation for your plants.
  • Able to Withstand 100 MPH Winds! Able to protect your plants under heavy winds without tearing.
  • Made in the USA - Support American jobs, American infrastructure and American FAMILIES - While everyone else has outsourced to China, we are one of the ONLY companies that still makes our fabric in America.

Proprietary Manufacturing Process

Learn more about our proprietary manufacturing process that makes our fabric better than the competition

polypropylene roll


How effective are frost cloths?

Frost cloths can protect your plants when temperatures dip into the 20s (°F). They work by using the heat that was trapped by the soil during the day to keep your plants warm. The thicker the fabric, the more heat that the fabric will trap and the more it will protect against the cold, but the less light will be let through. If you are planning to keep your frost covers on all day, opt for a thinner fabric.

Can you leave a frost cloth on all day?

You should not leave a frost cloth on your plants all day. Take the frost cloth off your plants in the morning and/or once temperatures rise above freezing, then put them back over your plants before sunset. The reason you'll want to do this is to allow the ground to capture heat during the day, which will then help to keep your plants warm at night after the frost cover is placed over them. Leaving your plants uncovered when it's warmer will also allow your plants to capture as much sunlight as possible.

Can rain get through frost cloths?

Yes, frost cloths are permeable which allows water to go through the cloth.

Do frost cloths let sun through?

Yes, but the thickness of the frost cloth will depend on how much sunlight gets through the cloth. The right thickness of a frost cloth will depend on the weather conditions. For colder and windier weather conditions a thicker frost is better to trap more heat and prevent it from tearing.

What is the difference between the types of rolls you sell?

Roll type

Jute netting
Jute netting

Coir Mat

Black landscape fabric
Black landscape fabric

Orange landscape fabric
Burlap fabric roll
Burlap fabric
Material Jute Coconut fiber Polypropylene woven fabric Burlap
Length 225 ft 165 ft 300, 500 ft 100, 300, 500 ft 300 ft
Width 4 ft 4 ft 3 ft 3 ft 3.33 or 6 ft
Coverage 900 sq. ft 1,070 sq. ft 900 or 1,500 sq. ft 300 - 1,500 sq. ft 1,000 or 1,800 sq. ft
Price/sqft (1,000 sq. ft) $0.17 $0.30 $0.08 $0.09 $0.15

Stabilize soil

Control erosion

Beach / shoreline erosion
(Water submersion)

Hillside erosion

Weed barrier

Silt fence

Weed barrier

Silt fence

Table / aisle runner

Floor mats

Tree / shrub protection

Life 1-2 years 2-5 years 12 months - 40 yrs (depending on Sun exposure) 12 months - 40 yrs (depending on Sun exposure) N/A
Anchored using 6-inch sod staples N/A
Biodegradable? Yes Yes No No Yes

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