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Long Sandbags 25 ft
empty tube sandbags available in 3 sizes - 6 ft, 12 ft, 25 ft
tube sandbags build walls for earthbag homes
Heavy Duty Woven Polypropylene Empty Tube Sandbags with Tie String
Long Sandbags for erosion control, flood prevention, earthbag homes, and pipeline construction.
Resizeable Empty Long Tube Sandbags
25 ft long white tube sandbags
Empty Tube Sandbags With Tie String
Fillable White Snake Sandbags
12 ft tube sandbags for erosion and flood control
long 12 ft tube sandbags can be cut to your desired size
12 ft continuous sandbags with tie strings
12 ft long tube sandbags for earthbag homes
6 ft continuous sandbags with tie strings
6 ft tube sandbags for erosion and flood control
long 6 ft tube sandbags can be cut to your desired size
6 ft long tube sandbags for earthbag homes

Empty Long Tube Sandbags (UV Protected) - Earthbag Homes, Flooding, Erosion Control | Military Grade (Multiple Sizes)

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Build Earthbag Homes, Control Erosion, or Prevent Flooding!

Sandbaggy extra Long Sandbags are available in 6, 12, and 25 ft lengths. They are great for heavy duty applications, such as building earthbag homes and building large water barriers to protect against floods or control erosion. Our Sandbags are military grade and UV resistant, so they are built to last and withstand harsh conditions.

When compared to using regular sandbags, using extra long tube sandbags is a much faster alternative for building a sandbag wall. These sandbags come with pre-attached ties, so when you are done filling them up, just tie them and they're ready to go!


  • 3 Sizes Available 
    • 14 inch width x 6 ft long
    • 14 inch width x 12 ft long
    • 14 inch width x 25 ft long
  • Empty: these tubes arrive empty
  • Material: woven polypropylene, with 10x10 weave count
    • UV protection: 1,600 hours, more than twice the protection as the other colors
      • Built to withstand 100°F direct sunlight for 9 months in hot, sunny states such as Arizona, Florida, and California
      • Can last 9-24 months in cooler, less sunny states


    • TUBE SANDBAGS ARE WAY FASTER TO INSTALL: This uniquely engineered tube sandbag is made to speed up filling sandbags. Whether using them for earthbag home construction or flood construction applications, filling one 25-foot tube is much faster than filling 12 standard small sandbags.
    • INCLUDES TIES: Once the empty sandbag is filled, use the pre-attached tie string to close the top of the bag
    • HEAVY DUTY: Made from water resistant woven polypropylene and treated with UV Protection, these are extremely durable sandbags.
    • BUILD EARTHBAG HOMES: Makes building earthbag homes fast and easy! 6, 12 or 25 ft long sandbags are a huge time saver, as opposed to using standard 26 inch long sandbags.
    • CUSTOMERS LOVE THEM: Sandbaggy Sandbags are the #1 best selling sandbags on the Internet, with over 4 million Sandbaggy Sandbags installed across this great country.
    • QUALITY GUARANTEE: If these sandbags do not live up to your expectations, let us know and we will give you your money back


    What are long sandbags called?

    Long sandbags are also called tube sandbags or snake sandbags.

    How long is a sand bag?

    Sandbags can vary in length, the standard length of sandbags are 26-30 inches and usually don't get longer than 6 ft.

    How do sandbags stop erosion?

    Sandbags stop or control erosion by acting as a water barrier to minimize soil or sediment loss. A perfect example is creating a sandbag wall on a beach to minimize the waves impact from eroding a rocky cliff.

    Are sandbags effective against flooding?

    Sandbags prevent flooding by acting as a water barrier to divert water, this is due to the sand's coarse texture making it less porous (ability to absorb water) than other materials. The main benefit of using sandbags to prevent flooding is just how simple and quick they are to use and set up.

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