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Partial 4 Way Pallets - B Grade (#2 Grade)
Buy 4 way entry pallets in bulk with 2,500 weight capacity
Stackable Recycled Wood Pallets

42" x 36" Recycled Wood Pallets - 4 Way Entry

  • $3,525.00
  • Save $3,525

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Get Used Pallets For Sale!

Don't pay $25 per pallet from our competitors! Sandbaggy has Recycled Wood Pallets For Sale, as low as $10.75 each. These used pallets are in great condition. Each pallet is inspected to ensure its quality and has a 2500 lb weight capacity. They have a 4 way entry making them more versatile and easier to use.

We sell our recycled pallets in bulk by truckload: 300 pallets (1/2 truckload) or 600 pallets (full truckload). Free shipping only in Southern California.


  • Condition: Used
  • Size: 42 inch x 36 inch (10.50 square feet)
  • Type: Partial 4 Way Pallets
  • Grade: B Grade (#2 Grade)
  • Capacity (lbs.): 1,500 lbs
  • Fork Access: 4 Way Entry
  • Pallet Jack Access: 2 Way Entry
  • Stackable/Reusable


  • BUY IN BULK AND SAVE BIG - Buy 300 pallets (1/2 truckload) or 600 pallets (full truckload) and save big! Don't pay $25 per pallet from Uline.
  • RECYCLED PALLETS IN GREAT CONDITION - Each pallet is inspected to ensure quality!
  • HEAVY DUTY - 2500 lbs Weight Capacity.
  • 4 WAY ENTRY PALLETS - Stringers on one side, partial 4 way pallets can be picked up from any side by most forklifts but from only two sides with a pallet jack.
  • B GRADE (#2 GRADE) - Are more economical than A Grade (#1 Grade) pallets.

Shipping Details

Free shipping only in Southern California


What is a recycled wood pallet?

A recycled wood pallet is a pallet that has been restored for reuse. Recycling wood pallets undergo processes such as sorting, refurbishing, dismantling, and reconstruction. Only slightly damaged pallets can be repaired and sold back into the marketplaces, if pallets are significantly damaged they are shredded and used for other purposes like wood chips, mulch, etc.

What are 4 way pallets?

4-way pallets are pallets that can be picked up from any side by most forklifts. This differs from 2 way pallets that only can be picked up on 2 of the 4 sides. The main benefit of 4 way pallets is their ease of use and maneuverability.

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